Switch Skills for Two Set 2

Eleven more activities for experimenting and progressing towards effective scanning skills.

Build Up promotes the use of one switch to add items to the screen, with the second switch used to start the action or watch the animated reward. Build a tin can tower and knock it down, make a rocket and launch it, blow up a balloon until it pops, or sit the children on the roller coaster and start the action. Move and Get activities are designed to move learners towards the skills required to use, for example, a scanning communicator. Activities include loading crates onto trucks, feeding the croc, bop more gophers on the head, give the ballerina different dancing partners and passing the ball along a line of basketball players to shoot.



Switch Skills for Two: Set 2 Manual (PDF)

Operating System



Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
(There may be issues with multi-touch touchscreens in Windows 8 or newer)

Potential Issues

You may experience problems using multi-touch touchscreens on Windows 8 or newer, if the user is not capable of performing a clearly defined single point of touch. The program will not respond if the user hits the screen with a palm or a fist.

The touchscreen software has been programmed to respond to a left-mouse click. A single point of touch in Windows 8 or newer will emulate a left mouse-click, however, two (or more) points of touch will be interpreted as a 'gesture' – a completely different command which this software will duly ignore.

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