Switch Skills Champions

Every child can be a champion with these fun games that help develop switch timing skills.

The program features five sports that are included in the Olympics or Paralympics.

For one or two players – useful for developing turn-taking skills.

Try basketball, volleyball, boccia, ice hockey or hurdles. It includes a simple training activity for early learners.

Just wait for a player to appear on the screen, then press the switch to win a medal.

You can change the difficulty level for each player.

Accessible using a switch, mouse, keyboard, touch monitor or whiteboard.



Switch Skills Champions Manual (PDF)

Operating System



Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
(There may be issues with multi-touch touchscreens in Windows 8 or newer)

Potential Issues

You may experience problems using multi-touch touchscreens on Windows 8 or newer, if the user is not capable of performing a clearly defined single point of touch. The program will not respond if the user hits the screen with a palm or a fist.

The touchscreen software has been programmed to respond to a left-mouse click. A single point of touch in Windows 8 or newer will emulate a left mouse-click, however, two (or more) points of touch will be interpreted as a 'gesture' – a completely different command which this software will duly ignore.

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