Keedogo Plus

Keedogo is an iPad keyboard designed for children and young students who just started to read, write and type.

For iPad only.

The keyboard provides a simplified layout with just the essential keys so early writers can focus only developing their skills rather than being distracted by symbols and functions they don’t yet need.

Essentially Simple 

  • Focus on learning through a simplified keyboard layout
  • Support early literacy development with lowercase key labels
  • Do not get distracted by auto-correction or spell check

Optimized for Early Learners

  • Select ABC or QWERTY layout
  • Benefit from lowercase key labels and colour-coded vowels
  • Choose your preferred font, including dyslexic and school-friendly fonts

Speed Up Typing and Build Confidence

  • Reduce typing efforts with self-learning word prediction
  • Use the cursor keys to navigate through text quickly
  • Turn Auto-Capitalisation and Auto-Spacing ON or OFF

Personalise Word Prediction

  • Choose between word-completion, next-word prediction and multi-word prediction
  • Configure the number of suggestions and suggestion order
  • Learn all words, correctly spelled words, or turn learning off
  • Adjust the size of the prediction bar to your needs

User Comfort

  • Use Keedogo Plus in almost any app on iPad
  • Choose from 5 different themes
Operating System


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