Switch Skills 3

Fifteen activities at a higher level than Switch Skills 2, split into four sections.

The first activity is Splat the Clowns – watch a clown move across the screen and throw a custard pie at him when he reaches the middle. Other games of a similar nature have themes appropriate for older learners.

The rest of the program has activities that work towards understanding switch scanning. Some of these are error-free, such as DJ Master, whilst others require good switch timing skills. As ever, options are provided so you can control the level of difficulty in small steps.

Two simple video games are provided at the end for learners who have grasped the concept of switch timing but need more practice.



Switch Skills 3 (PDF)

Operating System



Windows 8 / 10 / 11
(There may be issues with multi-touch touchscreens in Windows 8 or newer)

Potential Issues

You may experience problems using multi-touch touchscreens on Windows 8 or newer, if the user is not capable of performing a clearly defined single point of touch. The program will not respond if the user hits the screen with a palm or a fist.

The touchscreen software has been programmed to respond to a left-mouse click. A single point of touch in Windows 8 or newer will emulate a left mouse-click, however, two (or more) points of touch will be interpreted as a 'gesture' – a completely different command which this software will duly ignore.

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