iWordQ for iPad

iWordQ is a simple word prediction and speech feedback application designed to assist struggling writers and readers.


Accessible reading and writing on the go with iWordQ.

What is iWordQ?

iWordQ is an easy-to-use reading and writing app for iPads. Great for students or anyone on-the-go who struggles with reading and writing.

iWordQ is cost-effective, secure, and reliable – you don’t even need an internet connection to use it.

Featuring Quilsoft’s renowned Word Prediction technology, iWordQ makes fast, accurate, word suggestions for you to choose from as you type.

To help struggling readers, iWordQ offers a Customizable Reading Area with Text Chunking to highlight text as you read, and Speech Feedback to read text aloud.

Save or download your work to and from your iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts.

iWordQ has the tools to help you read and write better, no matter where you are.


Word Prediction

Based on years of research, WordQ’s intelligent Word Prediction provides accurate contextually relevant word suggestions to choose from, in as few as 1.3 keystrokes.

Speech Feedback

Speech Feedback reads what you write aloud as you type, helping you catch mistakes and learn proper pronunciation.


iWordQ’s Proofreading feature reads what you have written read back to you, making it easier to notice mistakes and typos.

Customizable Reading Area

Choose font size, screen contrast, line spacing, and letter spacing to create your ideal screen reading experience.

Text Chunking

If Text Chunking is turned on, iWordQ will analyze and highlight or read your text to you in small chunks to help increase comprehension.

Abbreviation Expansion

Create your own list of abbreviations that, when typed, will expand to the full phrase, saving you time and effort.

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