Montessori Bead Facts Plus Minus

Teaches addition and subtraction math facts in a visual form, leading to deeper understanding.

App for iPad

Receive the benefits of Montessori math materials on an iPad. Great for Montessori and more traditional classrooms — extra practice at home and for homeschoolers.

Montessori Bead Facts +/- for the iPad is an innovative new incarnation of a classic “Montessori” math material. It uses the Montessori colored beads to show the relationship of numbers in the basic addition and subtraction math facts.

This app was created collaboratively by incorporating ideas from Montessori teachers, parents, IT professionals, and perhaps most importantly, Montessori and more traditionally schooled children themselves.

Children who already have a basic understanding of addition and subtraction can practice math facts by manipulating colorful number beads.

Children will be able to:

  • Manipulate on-screen beads proportional to the numbers they represent
  • Use a “show me” function to review facts they want to see presented
  • Perform addition and subtraction math facts
  • Practice and test their math fact skills

Through settings screens, teachers and students can set problems to work on a specific set of numbers, if wanted. With “Custom” feature, teachers and students can make their own problems within the typical math fact set of numbers.

Using the iPad, the beads are directly proportional (without the extra wire ends of some physical materials) and can duplicate number line activities to show the relationship between math fact families.

This app, like all MontessoriTech apps, has been designed by experienced Montessori educators. It is true to the Montessori principles of: isolation of quality, simplicity of form, and beauty of design. This app is intended for use in a classroom or educational setting to teach and practice math facts.

MontessoriTech is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

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