Clicker Writer for iPad / Chromebook

Make writing tasks fun and accessible for every learner with our child-friendly word processor for iPad and Chromebook.

Note: Clicker is a subscription-based product (3-Year Subscription)

Make writing tasks fun and accessible for every learner with our child-friendly word processor for iPad and Chromebook.

Help Every Child Achieve Writing Success

Watch your pupils confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, talking spell checker, audio note recorder and intelligent word prediction tool.

Realistic Speech Feedback

Clicker’s realistic-sounding children’s voices give pupils the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work.

Voice Notes

Voice Notes enables pupils to record their own audio notes before they write. This gives them an opportunity to rehearse their sentences, and offers a powerful way for children to capture their initial thoughts and ideas.

Intelligent Word Prediction

Clicker’s built-in predictor improves the productivity of struggling spellers and encourages all pupils to use more adventurous vocabulary. Both the Predictor and the customisable spell checker are speech supported, so that children can hear a word before they use it.

Picture Support

Whether used for visual stimulation, talking points, or to aid understanding, pictures are a valuable tool for supporting literacy development. Clicker includes a library of over 4500 curriculum-related pictures that can be quickly and easily incorporated into writing grids. You can use your own photos and images too.

Jump-Start Writing Tasks

Clicker Grids enable pupils to write with whole words and phrases. Emerging writers build sentences word-by-word, while Word Banks provide scaffolding to support developing writers.

Sentence Sets

Each grid in a Sentence Set contains all the words you need to build a sentence. A model sentence can be shown on the grid, in a pop-up, or aurally to provide the appropriate level of support.

Sentence Sets develop important literacy skills such as left-to-right directionality and the accurate use of capital letters and full stops. You can create a Sentence Set for your pupils by simply typing or pasting your sentences.

Connect Sets

Connect Sets help developing writers, struggling writers and English language learners to take their first steps to independent writing.

Pupils are provided with clusters of words, phrases and/or pictures to help them build a coherent piece of text. As with all Clicker Sets, pupils can listen to any word or phrase before adding it to their sentence.

Word Banks

When children are ready to write using the keyboard, they may still need support with the more difficult words. Build Word Banks to support any curriculum area – just paste relevant text and let Clicker do the rest, automatically removing the high frequency words.

Word Banks are organised in tabs to provide access alphabetically or through topic areas. It’s now even easier to create and edit Word Banks, and you can use them for writing frames too.

Create Your Own Activities

It’s easier than ever before to make your own Clicker Sets. Simply select the type of activity you’d like to create, add in your text and images, and click ‘Go’! We also have some fantastic free training videos and step-by-step PDFs to help you get started.

Ready-Made Resources

When you buy Clicker, you also get free access to ready-made resources on the LearningGrids website.

And Many Other Features

Harness the Power of Pictures

Help children find the word they want by adding pictures to your Sentence Sets, Connect Sets and Word Banks. Choose from over 4500 Clicker curriculum pictures or use your own. 

Save Preparation Time

Clicker Writer includes free access to LearningGrids, an ever-growing bank of ready-made writing grids. Our resources are created by experienced teachers and cover a wide range of curriculum topics.

Assess Pupil Progress

Clicker Writer gives you a unique insight into each learner’s writing process, helping you make informed decisions about their current support levels and most effective next steps.

(Use Clicker 8 for Windows/Mac to access Analytics reports).

Provide Access for All

Change how the app looks and acts to meet each child’s learning needs. Adjust the Predictor and speech settings, use high contrast colour schemes, or turn on our SuperKeys accessible keyboard.

Free Trial

You can try Clicker Writer for free following the instructions in the the links below for your chosen device.


Trial Clicker Writer on Chromebook


Trial Clicker Writer on iPad


Support Page

Visit our Clicker Support Page

Operating System

Chrome OS, iPadOS

Minimum Requirements

iPad: iOS 11 or newer
Chromebook: Chrome OS 86 or newer (with Google Drive enabled)

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