Clicker 8 for Windows / Mac

Version 8 combines exciting new feature ideas from our Clicker fans with the inclusive literacy support tools you already know and love.

Clicker 8 builds on the worldwide success of its award-winning predecessors. It’s inclusive, it’s engaging, it’s intuitive, and it enables teachers to give every learner the personalised, evidence-led support they need to take their literacy skills to the next level.

Note: Clicker is a subscription-based product (3-Year Subscription)

What license do I need?

Help every child achieve writing success

Jump-Start Writing Tasks

Clicker Grids give pupils point-and-click access to whole words, phrases and pictures. Each kind of Clicker Set provides a specific writing support or targets a particular skill. Clicker makes creating and editing Clicker Sets easier than ever, so that you can quickly provide content for any topic.

Sentence Sets

Each grid in a Sentence Set contains all the words you need to build a sentence. A model sentence can be shown on the grid, in a pop-up, or aurally to provide the appropriate level of support.

Sentence Sets develop important literacy skills such as left-to-right directionality and the accurate use of capital letters and full stops. You can create a Sentence Set for your pupils by simply typing or pasting your sentences.

Connect Sets

Connect Sets help developing writers, struggling writers and English language learners to take their first steps to independent writing.

Pupils are provided with clusters of words, phrases and/or pictures to help them build a coherent piece of text. As with all Clicker Sets, pupils can listen to any word or phrase before adding it to their sentence.

Word Banks

When children are ready to write using the keyboard, they may still need support with the more difficult words. Build Word Banks to support any curriculum area – just paste relevant text and let Clicker do the rest, automatically removing the high frequency words.

Word Banks are organised in tabs to provide access alphabetically or through topic areas. It’s now even easier to create and edit Word Banks, and you can use them for writing frames too.

Harness the Power of Pictures

Whether used for visual stimulation, talking points, or to aid understanding, pictures are a valuable tool for supporting literacy development.

Express Yourself

Clicker offers children three great ways to illustrate their documents and mind maps. First, there’s the enhanced CrickPix library of over 4500 curriculum-related pictures, with child-friendly searching. Secondly, you can take a webcam photo straight into your document. Last but not least, you can paint your own picture using Clicker’s built-in painting tools.

Provide Visual Cues and Prompts

Clicker 8’s new ‘Picturize’ button enables you to instantly add pictures to cells in any Clicker Set, including Sentence Sets, Connect Sets and Word Banks, and to whole passages of text within a document. Use the CrickPix library or upload your own. This is a powerful way to reinforce the meaning of words and introduce new vocabulary.

Personalise the Learning Experience

Create engaging and motivating literacy activities by incorporating places, people and objects that your pupils are familiar with. This could be a ‘Talk About’ activity using photos from a recent school trip, a ‘getting to know you’ resource for new pupils with images of classmates and important areas of the school, or a Clicker Book about the adventures of the class bear…the possibilities are endless!

Picture-Supported Writing

Clicker also offers picture-supported writing, where a picture is shown above each word as it is typed, and the option to show pictures in the word predictor and spell checker.

Boost Speaking, Listening and Reading Skills

Clicker 8 offers so much more than writing activities: make curriculum content accessible for every child with a talking Clicker Book, support emergent readers and EAL pupils with a Matching Set, or use a Talk Set to develop speaking and listening skills. If you want to do something out of the ordinary, build your own Custom Set with a mixture of grids and pages.

Clicker Books

Clicker Books provides you with an easy way to create speech-supported on-screen books for your learners. Tailor the subject matter and comprehension level to your pupils’ particular learning needs and objectives.

What’s more, children of all ages and abilities can create their very own talking books! Word prediction, speech and Word Banks provide writing support, and accessible tools enable the addition and manipulation of pictures and sounds.

Matching Sets

Matching activities are a great way of developing basic problem-solving, pattern recognition and language acquisition skills. They are particularly useful for supporting emergent readers and children learning English as an additional language.

A range of matching activities can be created, incorporating pictures, words and sounds to progress pupils’ key skills at a manageable pace.

Talk Sets

Create Talk Sets to develop speaking and listening skills. Just add pictures to create Listen & Say, Talk About or Tell the Story activities.

Talk Sets are particularly effective for those who struggle to express themselves in written form, and for English language learners.

Custom Clicker Sets

Want to do something out of the ordinary? Build a Custom Set from scratch, or from any other Clicker Set. Custom Sets give you free rein – mix grids and pages, design your own layouts and create accessible multimedia activities using pictures, text and sounds.

Ready-Made Resources

No time to make your own Clicker activities? Your Clicker license includes free access to hundreds of professionally made Clicker Books, Matching Sets and Talk Sets on a wide range of curriculum topics over on the LearningGrids website.

And Many Other Features

Organise Ideas

Organising ideas is a vital first step in the writing process, and one that many learners struggle with. Clicker includes a child-friendly mind mapping area to help learners prepare for writing.

Check Understanding

Cloze activities are a great way to assess pupils’ topic knowledge, as well as their ability to use semantic and contextual clues. Create your own Cloze activities in a matter of seconds!

Assess Pupil Progress

Clicker 8’s Analytics tool gives you a unique insight into each learner’s writing process, helping you make informed decisions about their current support levels and the most effective next steps.

Provide Access for All

In addition to extensive support for learners with reading and writing difficulties, Clicker 8 opens the door for pupils with a wide range of additional needs, including switch and eye gaze users.

Realistic Speech Feedback

Clicker’s realistic-sounding children’s voices give pupils the opportunity to hear their work read back to them in a friendly, age-appropriate voice that they can identify with. This encourages them to actively review and self-correct their work.

Intelligent Word Prediction

Clicker’s built-in predictor improves the productivity of struggling spellers and encourages all pupils to use more adventurous vocabulary. Both the Predictor and the customisable spell checker are speech supported, so that children can hear a word before they use it.

What License Do I Need?

Student Support License

Student Support Licenses are designed for individual students and are provided via MOE Assistive Tech applications.

OneSchool License

OneSchool Licenses are designed for schools or educational institutes to purchase directly for one or more students.

Home License

Home Licenses are designed for parents to purchase directly for their child only at home – these cannot be supplied to schools, or education staff or providers.

All Licenses

All licenses are supplied as a 3-Year Subscription

Free Trial

You can try Clicker 8 for free by using one of the download links below:

Both the Windows and Mac versions require a trial code from DTSL.
Please email to request one.


Support Page

Visit our Clicker Support Page

Operating System

macOS, Windows

Minimum Requirements

Windows: Windows 8.1 or newer
Mac: macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer

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