Training and Assistance

DTSL Assistive Technology offers a wide range of training options on the products we offer.

Each session is designed to be informative, interactive and most of all, fun!

PD and Training Sessions

If there is a particular item you would like to find out more about, we can arrange a training session for yourself, school or organisation.

This can be opened to multiple staff and questions can be addressed throughout.

In the past we have run sessions on the products showing below:

and much more

We are happy to run customised sessions, tailor made to cover specific areas.

This could be switch accessible software, mounting solutions, word prediction tools.

Let us know what you need.

Presented online through Teams or Zoom. In some cases, on-site presentations can be arranged. If you are interested, please contact us using the details below.

For Further Details

Contact us at, or call us or Tomas on 0800 864 382.


We also periodically run sessions throughout the year – you can see a full list of our current options below:


Term 1

Term 2

We will be running sessions on the C-Pen Reader 2, TextAid, WordQ and Inspiration software.

From the start of May, through to the end of June, we will be running sessions on the C-Pen Reader 2 scanning pen – as well as TextAid, WordQ and Inspiration software.

Each session will allow time for questions as we go through.

Please find more information about these sessions below.

C-Pen Reader 2

The C-Pen Reader 2 is a pocket-sized tool that reads printed text aloud, helping to provide more clarity to those with with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. This device has been a life changer for many students over the years and can assist them in being more independent learners overall. Our sessions will go through all the settings of this amazing device, best practices to get the most out of it and talk through our experiences with students using the C-Pen Reader 2.

Thursday 9 May

10 am – 11 am

Tuesday 11 June

2 pm – 3 pm


TextAid helps teachers and parents face accessibility challenges with its reading, writing, and studying tools, helping those with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and language learners to become confident, autonomous learners.

Users listen to an audio version of assignments, textbooks, web pages, scanned notes, personal documents and more, while reading along with the highlighted text.

Wednesday 22 May

2 pm – 3 pm

Thursday 27 June

10 am – 11 am


WordQ supports users of all ages by offering state-of-the-art word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading and more.

WordQ can be used virtually anywhere, online or offline, helping users realise their full potential and gain confidence in their communication and self-expression.

We will demonstrate both the Windows/Mac and Chromebook versions as these do differ in look and style, but not in overall functionality. Both versions will be covered in each session.

Tuesday 14 May

11 am – 12 pm

Wednesday 19 June

2 pm – 3 pm


Inspiration uses simple but powerful visual thinking tools to easily create concept maps, mind maps, diagrams, graphic organisers, outlines, and presentations.

Our sessions will include an overview of the new features found in the latest release – Inspiration 11 – as well as a general overview of how mind mapping can benefit visual learners.

Thursday 30 May

3 pm – 4 pm

Tuesday 2 July

10 am – 11 am

Term 3

Term 4


For Further Details

Contact us at, or call us or Tomas on 0800 864 382.