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Avoiding plagiarism online is easy with ReaderQ.

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What is ReaderQ?

ReaderQ is a free Chrome extension to help students read and research easily online, while keeping them alert to plagiarism rules.

ReaderQ restricts how much text can be copied and also provides cues that may be used to paraphrase.

When ReaderQ is turned on, any website also instantly becomes a distraction-free, accessible space to research online.

ReaderQ converts websites into plain text, giving students the ability to adjust fonts and spacing, to make reading on a screen easier.

Once they’ve made any adjustments, students can begin reading and selecting keywords to help them paraphrase without worrying about plagiarism.


Limits how many words in a row and how much of a sentence, paragraph, or article students can copy to help them research and plan without worrying about accidental plagiarism.

Customizable Reading

Makes screen reading easier by allowing students to select the font and size, and adjust letter spacing, line width and spacing.

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