NumberShark 5

NumberShark V5 is a motivating computer program that uses 50 games to teach and reinforce numeracy and improve understanding and use of numbers. The wide variety of carefully designed games provide many ways in which to practice the same information.

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NumberShark – Making Numbers Count

All students should be fluent in numeracy. NumberShark give numbers meaning – teaching and reinforcing numeracy skills.

NumberShark is brilliant for laying the foundations for maths, giving students the competence and confidence that they need to succeed.

What is NumberShark


For Ages 5-14

NumberShark is used by students of all abilities but is especially popular for SEND. Catch-up students can revisit simple topics without feeling patronised, and students can learn at their own pace.

‘Topics’ to Choose From

The program gives you over 500 number topics, from counting and addition, to fractions and decimals. There are 2,000 worded problems, developing many skills as well as providing real-life examples.

The Games

The games are motivating and visual. A variety of formats within the games help to make sense of numbers: rods and digits, words, abacuses, pie charts, 100 square and more.

For Dyscalculia and Catch-up

The program is ideal for children with dyscalculia, but it’s equally effective for anyone who has gaps in their numerical knowledge or understanding.

Easy to Use

NumberShark is an extensive tool but it’s also user-friendly. Simply toggle between ‘choose game’ and ‘change topic’. There are help screens within the games if you need them.

Tried, Tested and Loved

Over the last 16 years, NumberShark has gained itself a reputation, especially relating to students that say they dislike Maths. Students appreciate the lovable homemade graphics, and benefit from seeing their own progress.

Why it Works

Every game is designed with a specific purpose – to teach or to provide rote practice in a fun way.

At School

  • Numbershark explains numbers in many ways, so that everyone can understand.
  • There are games, topics, settings and options for every need
  • Students can work independently and progress at their own pace.

At Home

  • It contains 50-plus games, each focusing on a specific number skill.
  • The games and ‘demos’ are highly visual, using number squares, number lines, abacuses and more, so that every child can understand.
  • Numbershark offers lots of variety so that lots of practice never gets boring.
  • It’s easy to use so children can work independently at their own level and pace.
Operating System

macOS, Windows

Operating System Notes

Windows 10
(Not Compatible with Windows 10 S-Mode)

Mac OS X 10.9 – 10.15 & macOS 11.0
(Some issues have been reported with Mac OS 10.14, 10.15 and macOS 11.0)


At least 11 inch screen
At least 2 GHz Processor
At least 4 GB RAM
At least 1 GB of hard disk space
We advise external speakers and/or headphones for greater clarity

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