Grid Pad 13

Communication Reimagined

Grid Pad 13 from Smartbox brings you a powerful and fully featured communication aid. Enjoy exceptional performance, a 13” daylight readable display, programmable smart buttons, a wide angle 6.5” second screen, built in environment control and custom designed speakers.

Ready to use with any type of alternative access method, including eye gaze technology.

The next generation of Grid Pad

Grid Pad 13 offers new possibilities to anyone who needs a powerful and fully featured communication aid ready to use with eye gaze technology. Building upon previous generations, this sleek new Grid Pad is packed with innovations, bringing you and your customers an industry-leading communication device powered by Grid software.

Benefit from exceptional performance, a 13” daylight readable display, programable smart buttons, a wide angle 6” second screen, built in environment control and custom designed speakers.


  • 11th Generation Intel Processor
  • 13.3″ premium anti-glare touchscreen
  • 6.5″ Daylight bright Second Screen
  • Smart Buttons (Eye Gaze and Touch Accessible)
  • Shock protection, drop tested to 1 meter
  • IP54 Rated
  • 13 hours battery life (8 hours with eye gaze)
  • Ready for use with eye gaze, switches, touch, and USB devices
  • Remote power button
  • High quality amplified sound
  • Built-in radio and infrared Environment Control
  • Multi-angle stand and wheelchair mounting
  • Powered by Grid 3

Communicate all day, every day

A World of Possibilities

Grid Pad 13 is a powerful and fully featured speech generating device ready for use with eye tracking technology. Designed for people with MND / ALS, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and other conditions that affect speech and mobility.

Powerhouse Performance

With four times more power than its predecessor, Grid Pad 13 delivers a huge leap forward in performance – ready for you now and for years to come.

Get the most out of all the features in Grid software alongside controlling devices around your home, using your Windows apps, listening to music and using eye gaze software packages like Look Lab.

Go Anywhere

Grid Pad 13 is ready for communication on the go with a dual Rehadapt / Daessy mounting plate and durable chassis.

Fully enclosed in an aluminium chassis and drop tested to 1 m, Grid Pad 13 is built to last.

The reinforced and shock-proof design is ready for communication everywhere you go.

A fan free design makes Grid Pad 13 splash and dust resistant (IP54 rated).

Standout Second Screen

A 6.5 inch second screen displays your message on the back of your device, perfect for supporting conversation and expressing yourself with Symoji!

  • Largest full colour second screen on the market
  • Supports both symbols and text communication
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle makes it easier to read
  • Daylight bright screen for clear visibility outdoors

Programable Smart Buttons

Activate eye gaze and touch accessible Smart Buttons to quickly navigate your device. Choose their function by programming a command of your choice.

Use them to quickly navigate your device, calibrate your eye gaze camera, activate a rest cell or choose their function by programming a command of your choice.

Third Generation Remote Power Button

Grid Pad 13 includes our latest Remote Power Button. Use it to power on your device, restart your device and connect an additional two switches.

Industry-leading Grid AAC software

Grid is different to many other AAC platforms. It includes a library of ready-made resources that you can choose from.

With content for literate users who need fast word prediction and pre-stored phrases, to symbol users who need robust vocabularies, learning resources and phonics support.

Designed for All Access

Premium 13″ Display

The antiglare screen is steel ball tested and daylight readable, making it super strong and easy to see in bright surroundings.

Made from toughened industrial-grade glass and optically bonded for improved visibility.

Even More Ports

Enjoy up to 6 of the industry’s fastest USB ports, and a headphone/mic port.

Supports 60W USB-C charging.

Modular Eye Gaze Access

An impact resistant and IP rated eye gaze module transforms your Grid Pad into a dedicated eye gaze device.

Wireless docking makes getting setup even easier, with no need for any cables.
Available with Lumin-i and Vida eye tracking technology.

HeadMouse Nano Dock

There’s also the option to dock a HeadMouse Nano.

Personal Speakers

Alongside high-quality speakers for voice reproduction, Grid Pad 13 includes two
mini personal speakers that point towards you.

Providing the option for discrete audio feedback without the need for a headset – great for anyone who uses switch scanning in Grid.

As you scan through your grid set, audio feedback tells you which cell you have highlighted before selecting it.

Auditory Feedback

The headphone socket can be used for auditory feedback, useful for people with visual impairment. In Grid 3, this enables you to hear what a cell will say before you choose to select it.

LED Indicator Lights

LEDs show when your battery is running low and when switches are activated.

Custom Audio

Custom designed high displacement speakers add richness and clarity to your voice – so you can be heard in all environments.

Powerful bass and dedicated speaker chambers ensure the quality of your voice reproduction is loud and clear

Environment Control

Grid Pad 12 comes with built-in infrared and radio Environment Control. There is a front-facing infrared learning window to make inputting commands easier.

Adjustable Stand

The strong anti-slip stand with friction hinge can be positioned at any angle.

Security Features

The front camera on Grid Pad 13 can be used with Windows Hello, a biometric authentication feature, which provides a secure and password-free way of unlocking your device.

Also added is a Kensington lock slot for use with Kensington Nano Locks for an extra layer of security. Ideal for shared settings like schools and hospitals.


Grid Pad Comparison

Grid Pad 12 vs Grid Pad 13

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 33.8 × 23.4 × 3.7 cm


Operating System


Operating System Details

Window 11 Pro


Intel Core i5


16 GB

Storage Capacity




Connection Type

3.5mm (Audio), 3.5mm (Switch), Bluetooth, USB Type-A, USB-C, Wi-Fi

Detailed Specifications

Display: 13.3 full-HD daylight display with toughened glass and anti-glare coating
Second Screen: 6.5” wide angle full colour and daylight bright
Battery: 13 hours typical use / 8 hours with eye gaze / 4 hours charge time
Tablet camera: 5MP front with Windows Hello / 5MP rear with infrared
Drop test: 1m drop tested
IP rating: IP54
Eye gaze: Dock in place eye gaze module
Access: 2 x 3.5mm switch ports with LED indicators / 1 x USB-C 2.0 port for head pointer / 1x USB-C 3.2 10gbps port for eye gaze
Smart Buttons: 3 x programmable Smart Buttons / Volume up and volume down Smart Buttons / Touch and eye gaze accessible
Environment control: GEWA Infrared / Optional EasyWave/Z-Wave radio
Connectivity: 3.5mm headphone/microphone combo port / 2 x USB 3.2 10gbps port / 1 x USB-C 40Gbps with DisplayPort & 60W Charging / Bluetooth 5.3 / Wi-Fi 6E
Mounting plate: Dual Rehadapt and Daessy mounting
Other features: Remote Power Button (power on / off and wireless switch access)

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