Grid Pad 10s

Grid Pad 10s is a dedicated, multi-access device designed for users who want a portable and rugged communication aid. The high-quality engineering and unique set of features bring you a next generation AAC device designed with independence and durability in mind.

Introducing Grid Pad 10s

Grid Pad 10s is a dedicated, multi-access device designed for users who want a portable and rugged communication aid. The high-quality engineering and unique set of features bring you a next generation AAC device designed with independence and durability in mind.

Now available with the Tough Cover option

A bespoke tough cover and handle for use with Grid Pad 10s.

Include the Tough Cover option to add additional protection for your Grid Pad.

The Tough Cover for Grid Pad 10s, is made from polycarbonate material – giving you additional impact and shock protection.

The ergonomic handle offers users an easy way to carry their Grid Pad without obscuring the second screen.

  • Added protection from knocks, bumps and drops
  • 1m drop tested – MIL-STD-810H-2014, 30 drops from all angles
  • Full access to your buttons, ports, keyguard, stand and mounting plate

Ergonomic Design

The integrated handle makes on the go communication even easier. Carefully designed to ensure full view of your second screen.

A Secure Fit

The Tough Cover is fixed in place with five screws, providing a secure fit and maximum protection for your Grid Pad.

High-Performance Computing

Discover a whole new class of performance with an Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD hard drive – perfect for getting your message across quickly and using all the features within Grid. As the fastest 10” device available in the assistive technology market, Grid Pad 10s brings you all the power of a consumer grade PC, built for AAC.

Beautifully Engineered

We know how important it is that AAC devices are reliable and built to last, so we have used the highest quality components throughout. Each feature has been carefully considered to ensure you are never left without your voice.

An impact resistant magnesium-alloy chassis makes the case incredibly strong, protecting it from everyday knocks and bumps. The chassis also provides significant thermal conductivity – removing heat from the processor without the need for any fans or openings, making the device water and dust resistant (IP54 rated). Grid Pad 10s has also been drop tested to 1-metre.

The 10-inch antiglare screen is made with toughened industrial grade glass, which has been optically bonded to the display panel, protecting it against impacts and scratches.

Extra strong ports have been used throughout to avoid damage, and rubber bungs add extra protection. The internal components have been carefully secured in place so there is no movement inside the device, this makes it shock-proof and ensures the best quality audio.

High gain antenna give you reliable Wireless and Bluetooth, so you always have a stable internet connection and excellent Bluetooth capability – perfect for using wireless devices.

Versatile Positioning

There are lots of options for positioning. You can mount the device to your wheelchair with the dual mounting plate – which fits with both Daessy and Rehadapt mounts.

You can also carry it with you using the shoulder strap or position it at any angle on a desk with the adjustable flip out stand. The ergonomic wedge shape of the case helps users access their device when it’s lying flat – and a rubberised finish helps to prevent it from slipping.

You will notice that we have made the volume and power buttons more accessible. They are nice and big to help users who have difficulty with fine dexterity, and the bright blue colour provides a good colour contrast for anyone with visual impairments.

Multi-Access Device

Grid Pad 10s is a multi-access device, so there are lots of ways to interact with it. There is a touch screen which you can use with a keyguard, two switch ports for use with switches, two USB ports for use with USB access devices like joysticks, and a headphone and mic combo port. You can also connect Bluetooth devices to your Grid Pad such as wireless switches, pointers, headphones and more.

High Quality Audio

The latest high-displacement speakers produce room-filling sound so you can get your message across loud and clear. Not only do they give you excellent voice reproduction, but the full-range audio provides deep and rich bass for playing your favourite tunes!

Built-in Environment Control

GEWA Infrared Environment Control allows you to operate devices around your home, like your TV and other remote controlled gadgets. The front facing IR learning window provides ease of programming, and the multi-directional infrared LEDs give you a powerful 10m range signal.

Daylight Bright Display

Grid Pad 10s features a daylight bright display, which means that you’ll be able to see the screen clearly – even in bright conditions! With a 650 NITS brightness score, Grid Pad 10s is brighter than most tablets on the market (an iPad measures 500 NITS).

The screen also features an antiglare display, which has been treated with an anti-reflective and oil-repellent coating to minimise any reflections when you’re out and about.

New Remote Power Button

Turn your Grid Pad 10s on and off remotely with our latest accessible Remote Power Button. There are also two switch ports and the option to use the Remote Power Button as a wireless switch transmitter.

Second Screen

The second screen adds a whole new way to communicate by showing your message on the front of your device. This can be helpful in noisy environments in addition to using your Grid voice, helping you get your message across clearly to the person you’re communicating with.

When you’re creating your message in Grid – the text that you can see in your chat window also appears on your second screen. You’ll notice that if you’re using symbols, these also appear on the second screen, which is ideal for communicating with someone who uses symbols to support their understanding of language.

Now with Symoji!

Symoji is a fun new feature in Grid, enabling you to quickly communicate using an animated character. Use Symoji to add meaning or emotion to something you’ve said already or communicate a whole idea or feeling by itself, with a single selection.

When a Symoji is selected, it will appear on your second screen. There are lots of Symojis to choose from, divided into three categories to make it easy to find the one you want to use.

Symoji is built into Super Core, Text Talker and Fast Talker. You can also use the stand-alone Symoji grid set.

Powered by Grid AAC software

All of our communication aids are powered by Grid AAC software – our complete solution for communication and independence.

Grid is designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources from powerful communication tools for text users, to grid sets for communicating with symbols and developing literacy. You’ll also find a range of dedicated apps to help you get online, use social media, listen to music, change the channel on your TV and much more. There are a wide range of AAC resources, designed for people of all ages and different levels of literacy.

Part of the Grid Pad range

Grid Pad 10s is part of our dedicated range of communication aids, specifically designed for AAC. The 12 and 15 inch devices can be used with any type of alternative access, including touch, switch, head pointer and eye gaze. For eye-gaze users there is a purpose-built enclosure that fits neatly under the screen, transforming your Grid

Pad into an Eye Gaze Device.

Grid Pad 10s is designed primarily for touch and switch users and is our most versatile Grid Pad in terms of positioning. You can take it with you using the shoulder strap, mount it to your wheelchair, lay it flat on a desk or use the adjustable stand to position it up right.

All of our Grid Pads are built with a powerful i5 Intel processor and 8GB of RAM so you can make full use of all the features in Grid.

Note for Windows 11

Grid Pad 10s was developed before the release of Windows 11 and is not currently compatible.

Support for Windows 10

Windows 10 will officially be supported by Microsoft until October 2025.

Weight 1.45 kg
Operating System



Intel Core i5

Storage Capacity



8 GB



Connection Type

3.5mm (Audio), 3.5mm (Switch), USB Type-A


260 x 189 x 60mm

IP rating

IP54 (dust and splash resistant)

Mounting Type

Daessy, Rehadapt


2MP front, 5MP rear

Battery Life

7 hours typical use

Charge Time

5 hours

Environment Control

GEWA Infrared

Other Features

Antimicrobial case and screen, drop tested to 1m, shoulder strap,
flip-out stand and remote power button (with wireless switch access)

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