Grid for iPad

Grid for iPad is a communication app that gives a voice to people without speech.

Discover Grid for iPad

Grid for iPad is a complete AAC solution that includes instant access to resources for symbol and text communication. The app includes content for different ages, conditions and levels of literacy.

AAC for Everyone

Grid for iPad is suitable for a wide range of people with communication needs, including: ALS / MND, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, Learning difficulties and Stroke / Aphasia.

It is available worldwide in 16 languages. The flexible pricing means you can either pay for the app with a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase.

Key Features

  • Wide range of resources for different ages and abilities
  • Research-based approach to symbol and text AAC
  • Fast and intuitive in-app editing
  • Remote editing from any Windows computer
  • Do more with Grid – new resources added every day
  • Available in 15 languages

Resources for Everyone

Content for everyone – from powerful communication tools for text users, to grid sets for communicating with symbols and developing literacy.

Super Core

Super Core makes it easier for early AAC users to get started and experience success with symbol communication.

Core vocabulary sits alongside activity-specific language, with powerful features that make it simpler to form phrases and communicate meaning.

Text Talker

Text Talker is packed with features for fast and powerful text communication, such as word prediction, Chat History, and a memory function.

It also includes ready-made grids for Message Banking, enabling people who still have some speech to capture it and recall it from within the app.

Do more with Grid for iPad

Grid for iPad includes content for different ages, conditions and levels of literacy.

Beautifully Simple

Grid for iPad’s touch-first design creates an intuitive user experience. Switch access is also available using Apple’s iOS switch settings.

In-app Editing

Edit and create new resources with ease. Grid for iPad enables you to quickly add new vocabulary to existing grid sets.

You can also start from scratch and build your own. Tailor everything from the layout of your grid, to the appearance of your cells and the symbols you use.

Familiar Grid Explorer

Easily add and organise your grid sets from Grid Explorer, your home screen within the app. This is where all your grid sets are stored.

Use alongside Grid 3

Create a Smartbox account to auto-sync content between Grid for iPad and Grid 3 using Dropbox.

Your content is stored in the cloud, meaning any changes you make to your grid sets and settings will be updated on both platforms.

This also means your grid sets are backed up, so if something happens to your iPad you won’t lose your content.

Remote Editing

Remote editing enables anyone to edit grid sets from anywhere – using Grid 3 on Windows.

All you need is the free trial version of Grid 3 and the login details for the Smartbox account. Make the edits you require, and the changes will instantly appear in Grid for iPad – so simple!

A Voice for Everyone

Grid for iPad is available worldwide in a wide range of languages.

Grid for iPad currently offer grid sets and voices in Afrikaans, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK, US, CA, AU and ZA), Finnish, Flemish, French (FR and CA), German (DE and AT), Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese (PT and BR), Polish, Slovak, Spanish (ES, CA and LATAM) and Welsh (grid sets only).

A Voice That Belongs to You

Choose from our library of voices and tailor the pitch and speed to suit you.

You can even integrate recordings of your own voice with Message banking features.

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Grid for iPad Manual

Grid for iPad manual (PDF)

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