HelpKidzLearn ChooseIt Maker

Create, edit and play personalised learning materials that can be used in your classroom and with individual students securely online on any device including iPad or Android tablet!

Available only as a 1-year subscription.

DTSL Assistive Technology are the official New Zealand reseller for HelpKidzLearn

ChooseIt Maker

Create, edit and play personalised learning activities that can be used in your classroom and with individual students securely online on any device including WIndows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad or Android tablets!

Personalised Learning

With ChooseIt Maker turn your photographs, images, symbols, text and sounds into:

  • Question and answer activities
  • Cause and effect resources
  • Assessment activities
  • Game based learning
  • Quizzes, communication aids and more…

Use ChooseIt Maker Anywhere

Create, edit and play your personalised activities securely anywhere online via Windows or Mac PC, Chromebook.

Alternatively you can play your activities on your iPad, Android tablet or mobile phone via supported web browsers.

Enhanced Editor

With its easy to use editor, upload a photo or image and make an activity with your child or class in minutes. They can all join in and then proudly present it to the rest of the school, family and friends.

ChooseIt Maker is an important tool for those learners who respond best to familiar materials, such as pictures of themselves, their families, their classmates and places they know well.

30,000+ Symbols

As well as adding your own images, ChooseIt Maker includes a ready made IT Media Library with over 30,000 symbols and pictures. Make activities using Widgit Symbols, SymbolStix Symbols and Inclusive Technology’s pictures.

Progression and Achievement Recording

Every ChooseIt Maker activity you create will automatically record the learner’s progression and achievements based on the questions they have answered. These results can be saved for your records or shared with the learner’s friends and family.

Access Options

Each activity created in ChooseIt! Maker can be accessed using:

  • Mouse
  • One or two switches and keyboard
  • Touch screens, iPad and Android tablets
  • Interactive classroom displays
  • Eye gaze

Student Profiles

HelpKidzLearn are excited to announce that Student Profiles are now available. They have created a short video (1m 38s) demonstrating the ease in which you can create student profiles.

Make learning ‘fun’ and personalise your learner’s experience by including their name, an avatar and colour, as well as their preferred method of access within HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities, ChooseIt Maker, ChooseIt Readymades and Inclusive Stories. 

Personalised Profiles

Access Method

Create Groups

Personalised Pre-Loaders

All Services

You can visit the HelpKidzLearn website at

ChooseIt Maker Player

For iPad

The ChooseIt Maker Player app allows you to download and play personalised ChooseIt Maker activities offline on an iPad.

The ChooseIt! Maker Player app includes sample activities which demonstrate ways ChooseIt Maker can be used to create a variety of fun learning activities using symbols, pictures and sounds. Simple presentation, clear recorded sound, text-to-speech and a variety of access options makes the ChooseIt Maker Player App ideal for a range of students. These include learners with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), communication difficulties, language impairments, physical and motor difficulties and learning difficulties.

ChooseIt Maker Player

Free download on the App Store

Features of ChooseIt Maker Player

  • Redeem and download shared activities (e.g. GNPXNX)
  • Play ChooseIt Maker activities offline
  • Access activities via touch, switch or eye gaze (using available Bluetooth switch interfaces and iPad eye tracker devices)
  • Progression and achievement recording

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