LAMP Words For Life

LAMP Words For Life is a full English vocabulary augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) language app that combines the power of the PRC Unity language system with Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) principles and strategies.

A Full Vocabulary AAC App

About the LAMP Words for Life® App

LAMP Words for Life® is structured to enable early success and allow the client’s vocabulary and communication skills to grow in a way that doesn’t require re-learning along the way. Because this is a pre-programmed vocabulary program, Words for Life doesn’t require extensive customization.

Features to Support Language Learning

LAMP Words for Life® has thousands of words to support robust communication. It allows the individual to put words together to say whatever they want to say, use verb and adjective forms, and add word endings to use language the same as verbal speakers. Having a robust communication system even if the individual is an emergent communicator, allows for words to be learned the way they will always be said on the device. It provides a pathway for unlimited growth with no change and relearning along the way. There are features in the app to simplify learning while maintaining consistency.

One Motor Pattern per Word

With verbal speech, a word is always produced by the same motor movement. That movement becomes automatic so we don’t have to think about how to produce those sounds. LAMP Words for Life® follows the same principal. Each word is produced by a unique motor movement that remains consistent whether there are 10 words or all words showing.

Vocabulary Builder

When teaching words to beginning communicators, it may be helpful to limit the words available on the screen to increase success. Vocabulary Builder lets you target select words during engaging activities so the learner can practice the motor movement without visual distraction while hearing the word and learning it through a natural response.

Word Finder

Word Finder helps you learn where a word is stored. For example, if you want to teach the word “thirsty” but you don’t know where to find it, use the Word Finder tool to type in the word to see where it’s located. Touch the picture sequence to practice the motor plan.

What’s Included?

  • High-quality Ivona text-to-speech voices and ability to add Acapela voices, The VoiceKeeper unique voice or VocalID unique voice
  • Pre-stored core and fringe words
  • English and bilingual English/Spanish vocabulary files
  • Vocabulary Builder: Allows chosen words to be visible while the remaining vocabulary is hidden
  • Word Finder: Helps the user find where words are stored
  • Ability to store customized vocabulary and edit individual buttons
  • 1 year free iShare access
  • Capability to migrate vocabulary files from Accent with NuVoice & iOS-based devices
  • Data Logging with ability to automatically sync with Realize Language™ for analysis

Three vocabulary levels within the app support language development from any skill level:

An introductory level features 83 core words that are only one touch away for immediate reinforcement.

A transition level requires a second button to be pressed before hearing those initial 83 core words paired with additional vocabulary. This level allows for the learning of extended motor patterns without the visual distractions of the full vocabulary file.

Custom Keyguards Available for iPad

Operating System


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