ii-Music for Eye Gaze

ii-Music software is a musical instrument designed to be played with your eyes using eye gaze technology.

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Including a range of high quality musical instruments to play with, sound effects and the ability to record your performances, ii-Music gives you free reign to express yourself musically, in real-time.

ii-Music software for eye gaze operates using cursor position and “dwell to click” meaning that you can use it with almost any eye gaze or head tracking system. There is no need to read music or memorise scales to give this a go – all you need is a love of music.


  •  Control a cursor controlled instrument or use with a Skoog.
  •  10+ physical modelling instruments.
  •  Digital effects – fuzz, echo, phasor, reverb.
  •  Built in effects presets.
  •  Record your performance.
  •  Adjustable notes and scales.
  •  Customisable sensitivity and user settings.
  •  Guided Access restricts access to settings for playing focus.


Free Demo (Limited Features)

ii-Music Demo (EXE)

Please Note: The demo limits the key/notes which can be used to C major (pentatonic), in the full version the key can be changed. The demo also limits the choice of instruments, and other functions such as effects/recording etc.

Operating System


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