Grid Pad 12 Second Screen Accessory

A second screen accessory for Grid Pad 12.

Grid Pad 12 not included.
This must be fitted by a DTSL technician.

Get your message across

The second screen accessory helps you get your message across by showing it on the front of your device. This can be helpful in noisy environments used in addition to your Grid voice.

When you’re creating your message in Grid – the text that you can see in your chat window also appears on your second screen.

Display symbolised messages

If you’re using symbols, these also appear on the second screen, which is ideal for communicating with someone who uses symbols to support their understanding of language.

Now with Symoji!

Symoji is a fun new feature in Grid that can be used on the second screen. Quickly communicate using an animated character to add meaning or emotion to your communication, with just a single selection.

Discover Grid Pad 12

Grid Pad 12 is designed for communication all day, every day, using any access method.

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