Soundbops is a great introduction to music for all learners, this educational musical instrument was developed specifically for children and those with SEN. It is designed to offer support in the early phases of dexterity and cognitive development.

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Teaching Music Made Easy

All You Need to Teach Music

Teaching music doesn’t have to be daunting. Introduce Early Years Learners from the ages of 3+ to music with Soundbops.

An Instrument Designed for Children

Soundbops has been developed specifically for children aged 3 and up and SEN pupils. It is designed to support them in their early phases of dexterity and cognitive development.

10 Instruments in One

Soundbops comes equipped with 10 unique midi sounds, encompassing all 5 of the instrument families. Bring your lessons to life with choice.

Build Chords

Young learners are able to visualise complex concepts such as chord building by stacking the notes on top of each other.

Resources that work for you

Professional, non-prescriptive teaching resources that align with educational experiences and outcomes

Sheet Music in Stages

Soundbops’ different stages of sheet music allow children to grow with their musical learning and concentrate on enjoying playing songs.

Songbooks with Real Songs

Books filled with songs from Twinkle Twinkle to Rocketman. No matter your preference for music you’ll find something you love.

How Soundbops Works

Music is Hard, It Needn’t Be

This is a traditional keyboard and sheet music. It’s incredibly hard for a child to connect the idea of the written notes with the keys played. Imagine being confronted with this at 3 years old.

Here is the Soundbops board with the bops for this tune. It’s easy to find the bops you need and see what notes they produce. This is Soundbops sheet music for beginners.

Complex Concepts Made Easy

This is a C major chord. It is hard for a small hand to stretch to reach all three keys, and harder still to press them all simultaneously. And it’s even harder to relate the written notation to the sound made.

This is a C major chord on the Soundbops instrument. The chord is literally built from the three notes. Easy to understand, easy to do and easy to play. And a complex concept readily grasped.

Sheet Music in Steps

1. Colours & Bops

We begin by linking the colours of the bops with the colours of the notes.

2. The First Clef

We move on to the positions of colours and notes on the stave.

3. Treble & Bass

Adding in the bass clef, we introduce chords, easy to build with Soundbops.

4. Full Notation

Finally, we combine all we have learned: we can read and play full musical notation.


4x AA batteries (Alkaline recommended)

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