Soundbeam 6

Soundbeam is an award-winning ‘touch free’ device which uses sensor technology to translate body movement into music and sound. It gives children and adults the opportunity, regardless of their impairments or disability, to play music. Soundbeam uses ultrasonic sensors to detect movement – big or small – and translates this into sounds.

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Soundbeam 6 is a touch free device, which uses sensors to translate body movement into music and sound. It can be tuned to detect small or large movements.


  • Touch Screen Interface with quick and easy navigation of functions
  • Extensive library of high-quality instrumental and sampled sounds
  • Simplified record and compose functions
  • Pre-Loaded Musical and Soundscape setups
  • Embedded Film (videos) adding a visual dimension to accompany the Soundsets, offering a truly multimedia experience
  • HDMI socket for large screen projection of the embedded film

Technical Features

  • 11.5″ Touch Screen
  • 4x Sensor Inputs
  • 8 (Wireless) Switch Connectivity
  • 2x Audio In (Line and Mic)
  • 2x Audio Out
  • HDMI out (to play films on external device)
  • USB (for file transfer and more)
  • Network Connectivity
  • Fully Programmable (Edit or create your own Soundsets. Add your own recordings and videos)

Demonstration & Tutorial



Soundbeam 6 Manual (PDF)

How to Load Files

Load files from computer onto Soundbeam (PDF)

Software Update

Soundbeam 6 Software Updates

Additional Soundsets

Soundbeam 6 Soundsets Nov 2017 (Google Drive)

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