iClick Power Controller

Control electrical appliances using external switches or an app on your iPad!

Alternative to the PowerLink.

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The innovative iClick allows you to turn electrical appliances on and off wirelessly using external switches, or via a free app on your iPad!
Simply plug your favourite appliance(s) into iClick and control them in the following innovative ways:

Note that the below functions are available for both switch and iPad operation.

  • Direct – Appliance/toy is powered for as long as the user touches the switch – a great way to teach cause and effect.
  • Latching – Activate once for on and again for off.
  • Timed – One touch turns the device on for a predetermined time, from as little as 1 second up to 250 minutes.
  • Cooperation – Requires two users to work together for the device to turn on and off – great for teaching social skills and cooperative play.
  • On/Off – One switch turns on the device and the other turns it off.
  • iClick has two sockets that you can control independently. 

The app has many features to make the learning environment fun and effective. For example, choose the colour of each switch or optionally replace the switch with a photograph taken using iPad’s built in camera or chosen from the device’s existing photo gallery. The app can also be scanned using iOS Switch Control by users who can’t use the touch screen.

iClick also fully supports Pretorian SimplyWorks wireless switches and any type of wired switch via its two 3.5mm sockets.

Please Note – Requires iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro or later. Will not work with First Generation iPad or iPad 2. iClick & iControl use Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) to communicate with the iPad. This feature was introduced with iPad 3 and iPad Air and is also available on all iPad Mini. Earlier devices will not work.


  • Two independently controlled mains sockets.
  • Ultra-safe wireless control of electrical appliances.
  • Seven control modes selected from the iClick app. Four modes provide independent switch operation; three give cooperative control.
  • iClick app available free of charge from App Store.
  • Fully supports SimplyWorks wireless switches
  • Two 3.5mm switch input sockets for all types of wired switch.
  • Interference free operation at up to 20 meters distance.

i-Click app

Download on your iPad from the App Store here, or scan the QR code below with the camera app:

Connection Type


Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 4.0

Wireless Range

20 m

Main Sockets

2x 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz sockets

Fuse Details

0.2A time delay TR5 fuse on PCB
Never exceed the fuse ratings.

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