Pretorian SimplyWorks for iPad

The innovative SimplyWorks for iPad from Pretorian technologies provides completely wireless iPad access when used with any SimplyWorks transmitter.

SimplyWorks for iPad is a unique interface providing comprehensive SimplyWork switch, joystick, and keyboard access to all iPad functions including Apps, Music and Media, Books, Internet, Email, Data Entry, and Photography.

Allows up to six SimplyWorks transmitters to be paired with a single iPad without any restriction on the mix of transmitters.


  • 100% Wireless connectivity for iPad access.
  • Proportional scanning (using SimplyWorks Joystick).
  • Forward and Backward scanning.
  • On-Screen keyboard scanning, and full Keyboard Functionality.
  • Integral button to deploy or hide the on-screen keyboard.
  • iBooks mode with page-turner.
  • Integral, rechargeable lithium-ion battery via USB lead (supplied).
  • Pairs directly with iPad through Bluetooth 2.1 without PIN number entry.
  • 20 m operating range.
  • Small footprint (90mm x 64mm x 18mm).



SimplyWorks for iPad Access Device Instructions (PDF)

Connection Type


Operating System

iOS / iPadOS


Lithium-ion rechargeable
(Charged via supplied USB cable)

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