Mouse4all Go

Mouse4all Go is an accessibility solution which allows you to use an Android phone or tablet with one or two switches without touching the screen.

Mouse4all Go is an accessibility solution which allows you to use an Android device with one or two switches by scanning, without touching the screen. The only thing you need to do is installing the application ‘mouse4all’ from Google Play, connect this device to your mobile device (Android version 7 or higher) and start using your phone or tablet from one or even two switches, the same way you would do it your laptop.

Mouse4all Go is focused in enhancing the autonomy, since it provides access to Internet, social media, games, and all sort of applications. With this device you will be able to move through the screen, press, drag, or make scroll just by using your switches, without having to ever touch the screen.

It allows you to access to any app you have in your phone and use it normally, as well as access Android functions which require to press physical or digital keys in your device. 
Its integrated augmented pointer will help you to locate the mouse in the screen. Besides, when you are doing a special movement (such as dragging an object) it will remind you the action you are doing with a little icon in the upper right side of the screen.

Mouse4all Go is very easy to use: you just need to install the application mouse4all from Google Play, connect the cable to your phone (included) and start using it. Every time you connect the USB ‘Mouse4all Go’ to the USB connector of your tablet or phone, the application detects it and starts to run automatically, without having to do anything else. Likewise, when you unplug the cable, the app shuts down automatically. It has a complete configuration menu accessible from the application.

Great Advantages… 

  • Augmented pointer: Visual aid with big pointer and intersecting axes to easily identify the position of the  pointer.
  • Up to 2 switches: Switch control with one or two switches.
  • Customizable: Select the menu. Choose the color and size of the pointer. Adjust the timings and scanning speed to your needs.
  • Easy to install: You can start using Mouse4all in minutes. Follow the instructions in the quick-start guide included in the app.
  • Free application included with unlimited use with the Mouse4all Go.


  • Switches compatible: Scanning control with one or two switches according to your preferences
  • Downloadable App from Google Play with unlimited use when buying this product (link below)
  • Requires Android version 7.0 or higher
  • Plug & Play USB device
  • 2 switch inputs for 3.5 mm jack plug (female)
  • Includes 2 cables for connecting to 2 Android devices
    • Cable OTG-USB type C
    • Cable OTG-micro USB

This product includes everything necessary for its immediate use: the connector USB adapter to connect to the mobile device, and the unlimited use of the software mouse4all.

Download the App


Dimensions 5.0 × 2.5 × 1.3 cm
Operating System


Android Version

Android 7 or newer

Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch), Micro-USB, USB Type-A, USB-C

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