Gary and Maths

This book has been designed to help raise awareness of dyscalculia.

Written from a child’s point of view, it looks at some of the challenges a dyscalculic or dyslexic child may face, and how much of a ‘hidden workload’ they often cope with.

Gary has dyscalculia, which can make remembering things tricky.

Luckily, he has a super helpful little sidekick to help him…mini-Gary!

Join Gary and mini-Gary at school as they problem solve, defeat fire dudes, and collect bonus coins … all in a day’s work!

About the Author

Bridget Mather-Scott

Bridget is a qualified Early Years teacher, and lives in Derbyshire with her family.

She wants to help make maths more accessible to all children following a dyslexia diagnosis of her son. Her first book, ‘Number Friends’ looks at number formation and has been created for both parents and teachers to help support children’s learning.



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