Eye Can Fly

Join your co-pilot Aimee as you explore the farmyard, island and globe in twenty four geography based missions.

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Fly your blimp, rescue plane, jet and even a very big chicken around picturesque locations whilst learning skills such as compass directions, local and worldwide geography. Unlock fun mini games, explore the scenes at your leisure or pop balloons as you watch your craft fly on auto pilot.

A range of options allows Eye Can Fly’s controls and difficulty levels to be tailored to suit the needs of individual players. In addition to eye gaze, Eye Can Fly can be controlled with a mouse, keyboard or switch access.

Eye Gaze Skills

Master control of your aircraft to become a fully-fledged pilot whilst learning Geography skills such as compass directions, landmarks and regions across the world as well enhancing your eye gaze skills. In addition to eye gaze, play can also be controlled with any mouse pointer device, the keyboard, switches and joysticks.

Balloon Pop!

Start simply. Pop Balloons as you fly. Just look at the balloon to pop it whilst your plane flies in autopilot. What’s your high score?

Flight School

Then let Aimee guide you through twenty four exciting missions to become a fully fledged pilot whilst learning Geography skills such as compass directions, landmarks and regions across the world.

Free Flight

You might want to just explore as you please in Free Flight. Check out the Farm, Island or World with or without a plane, choosing simple left/right control or multidirectional for advanced pilots.

Mini Games

Team up with the chicken to collect coins and pile up points. Race Aimee and explore the island on foot, uncovering hidden surprises.

Your eye gaze adventure starts here.


Designed for students with some experience of eye gaze control and ability to follow simple verbal instructions, this package is easy to set up and takes the students through carefully graded activities to learn how to use eye gaze with precision and control. Useful options and a range of activities at different levels ensure success and maintain motivation for students of different ages and abilities.

Operating System



Windows: 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

Tobii Devices: I-Series, PCEye, PCEye Plus, PCEye Mini, EM-12 with Eye Tracking Option

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