Smartbox Lumin-i

Lumin-i is a powerful and precise eye tracker created by Smartbox.

Compatible only with Grid Pad 12/15 and Grid Pad 13.

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Lumin-i is the first eye tracker for AAC developed with Smart Eye technology, built for Grid Pad 12 / Grid Pad 15 and Grid Pad 13.

Effective and reliable indoors and outdoors.

The latest eye gaze technology

Key features include incredibly responsive performance and a large track box that tolerates a wide range of head movements and positions.

Lumin-i also offers a unique anti-reflection mode to help users who wear corrective glasses with coatings or filters.

A bespoke built-in camera unit has been created for Lumin-i, turning Grid Pad 12 and Grid Pad 15 communication aids into robust and dedicated eye gaze devices.

Key features

  • Developed in collaboration with Smart Eye
  • Optimised for Grid 3 AAC software
  • Incredibly responsive 60 Hz tracking
  • Operating distance of 45 – 85 cm
  • High powered IR emitters for outdoor use
  • Tolerates a wide range of head movements and positions
  • Designed for a variety of eye colours and conditions
  • Unique anti-reflection mode

Powered by Smart Eye

Smartbox has developed Lumin-i in collaboration with Smart Eye – the global leader of AI-based eye tracking solutions for the automotive, aerospace and research sectors. Their trackers are used around the world by organisations including NASA, Airbus, Audi, Harvard University and Georgia Tech.

Using robust eye tracking algorithms from existing Smart Eye technology, Lumin-i gives you high levels of accuracy and incredibly responsive performance.

Designed for AAC

All the features of Lumin-i have been developed with AAC users in mind.

We know how important it is that you have a reliable and accurate access method that you can use anywhere.

Large Track Box
The large track box (35 x 30 x 65 cm) maintains your gaze even if you have some involuntary head movement, change your position, tilt your head to one side or move back and forth.

Exceptional Recovery Rate
A recovery rate of just 17 ms (milliseconds) ensures seamless communication. If you turn your head to the side or look away briefly, your gaze will be instantly re-established.

Any Lighting Conditions
Developed to work in any lighting conditions, Lumin-i gives you access to your communication aid anywhere.

Excellent outdoor performance

Lumin-i is one of the best eye trackers available for outdoor use. High-powered infrared emitters bring you reliable and steady eye tracking, even in bright conditions.

Coupled with the antiglare coating on your Grid Pad display, Lumin-i provides consistent eye gaze access in all environments.

Optimised for Grid AAC software

Lumin-i has been specifically designed for use with our industry leading Grid AAC software, so you don’t need to worry about any additional software packages.

Everything is built into Grid, making it even easier to get started.

Seamless tracking

Lumin-i uses technology from the automotive and aviation industry to bring you an incredibly responsive performance. It takes just 25 ms (milliseconds) for the camera to track your eyes, instantly establishing your gaze for rapid access and fast communication.

A gaze recovery time of just 17 ms means that if your gaze is interrupted at any point, you can re-establish it immediately.


Lumin-i Software

Lumin-i Software Installer 10.2.1 (.exe)

Lumin-i Grid Pad 12/15 Support Page

Lumin-i Installs and Documentation (Smartbox)

Lumin-i Grid Pad 13 Support Page

Lumin-i Installs and Documentation (Smartbox)

Grid Pad model

Grid Pad 12/15, Grid Pad 13

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