Rehadapt Wheelchair Mounts

A new robust solution for mounting tablets with an eye gaze tracker.

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Mounting AAC devices the right way is crucial to respond to customers needs. Rehadapt’s mounts offers out-of-the-box and yet flexible solutions for most wheelchairs.


Three-tube solutions for most common situations.

Monty 3D (M3D) wheelchair standard mounts include a Universal Device Socket (UDS), 3D adjustable joints three tubes with lengths of 200 mm, 500 mm and 400 mm.

Maximum load capacity of 3.0 kg.

Monty 3D

Simple Swivel Unit

Monty 3D QuickShift

Lockable Swivel Unit

QuickShift Levers

Monty 3D QuickShift Sturdy

Lockable Swivel Unit

QuickShift Levers

RotLock Base for Extra Stability (e.g. mounting on the left side)


Longer arm with double tube option for more load capacity and stability at longer distance.

Monty 3D (M3D) wheelchair “Plus” mounts are ideal for eye-tracking devices. Universal Device Socket with Double clamp (UDS DC), With RotLock base for extra stability and additional tube included.

Max. load capacity: 6.0 kg.

Monty 3D Plus

Tube Lengths: 300 mm, 500 mm & 400 mm

Additional Tube: 500 mm

Monty 3D Plus HD

Tube Lengths: 500 mm, 500 mm & 400 mm

Additional Tube: 300 mm

The Longest Reach and the Highest Stability through Double-Tube


Extra offset to position the device at a distance.

Rehadapt’s curved wheelchair mounts are available in three different sizes, giving you the offset that suits you the best, without any additional joints. QuickShift joints and RotLock base with swivel function are included.

Max. load capacity: 3.0 kg.

Monty 3D Curved M

Tube Lengths: H 660 mm, O 230 mm & T 400 mm


Monty 3D Curved L

Tube Lengths: H 760 mm, O 300 mm & T 400 mm


Monty 3D Curved XL

Tube Lengths: H 860 mm, O 300 mm & T 400 mm


H: Height of the Curved Tube

O: Offset

T: Length of the Second Tube

Size comparison for the Curved mounts below:

Bundle Type

Standard, Plus, Curved


Monty 3D, Monty 3D QuickShift, Monty 3D QuickShift Sturdy, Monty 3D Plus, Monty 3D Plus HD, Monty 3D Curved M, Monty 3D Curved L, Monty 3D Curved XL

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