Rehadapt Floorstands

This floor stand is ideal for mounting your Tobii or Grid Pad device securely and with great flexibility above a reclining bed, wheelchair, armchair, sofa etc.

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Mounting AAC devices  in an ergonomic and stable position even if there is nothing to mount to — Rehadapt’s floorstands will hold your device when lying in a nursery bed, sitting on a recliner or even on a bean bag.


Versatile and strong floorstands with many options to choose from.

Choose from three different bases & two types of arms

Base Types


Plain & Economic

The Eco floorstands offer basic functionality at affordable prices. Both the column and the base are fixed but the flexible arm allows a precise positioning.


Height Adjustable

The Tele floorstands allow for mounting devices in elevated positions (e.g. for usage in hospital beds). The column includes a gas-spring to help you move the device upwards.


Height & Width Adjustable

Besides adjustability in height, the Vario floorstands offer a base with a variable width. This allows passing through narrow doors. Furthermore, the column can be centered or placed on a side.

Arm Types


The “lock” arm is a Monty 3D arm with QuickShift levers perfect for achieving a fixed device position.


The “float” arm is a free floating articulated arm perfect for flexible positioning by the beneficiary with your fingertips. After the initial adjustment, the float arm keeps the device weight in balance at any position.


Smaller footprint floorstands with a rolling star base.

Choose from two different bases with arm options for the Eco Base

Penta Options

Eco / Lock

On a telescopic gas-spring loaded column.

Load Capacity: 5 kg

Eco / Float

On a rigid column optimized for nursing beds.

Load Capacity: 0.7-3 kg

Tele / Lock

On a rigid column with floating arm.

Load Capacity: 5 kg

Counterweight Included

Pentalock floorstands always require a counterweight for safe operations.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Floorstand Type

Classic, Penta

Base Type

Eco, Tele, Vario

Arm Type

Lock, Float

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