Arkon Universal Tablet Seat Rail or Floor Car Mount

Arkon’s Universal Tablet Car Mount features an innovative holder that adjusts to fit any 7″ to 18.4″ tablet and an 18″ flexible aluminium pedestal that attaches to your car’s seat rail bolt. Brackets are also included for semi-permanent floor mounting if desired.

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  • Seat rail or car floor mount features 18″ gooseneck
  • Slim-Grip Holder fits tablets 7″ to 18.4″ in screen size
  • 18″ flexible aluminum seat bolt floor mount with optional floor or dash drill in bracket
  • Swivel ball connection for 360° rotation with tilt for portrait or landscape viewing
  • Lightweight and strong

The TAB-FSM car or truck seat rail or floor tablet mount can be used with all tablets 7 to 18.4 inches in screen size, including Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, Samsung Galaxy View, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab Pro, Galaxy Tab S, Google Pixel C, Nexus 10, and Nexus 9, and LG G Pad, etc.

This mount includes Arkon’s Slim-Grip Universal Tablet Holder and a seat rail or floor mount with 18” flexible aluminum gooseneck.

The holder features a spring-loaded design that makes it easy to insert or remove the tablet by pushing down on the lower legs of the holder with one hand.

Included with the holder are 10 support legs (4 short, 2 medium and 4 long versions). Choose the 4 legs that provide the best fit for your tablet. These insert at the top and bottom of the holder and can be easily adjusted in order to keep any side buttons and ports unobstructed.

  • For most large tablets, the best mount holder configuration is to attach 2 short support legs on top and the 2 long support legs on the bottom of the holder.
  • For smaller tablets, use all 4 short support legs on the holder.
  • For larger tablets including iPad Pro, use all 4 long legs.
  • For vertical viewing, adjust the 360-degree swivel and then re-tighten.

The aluminum car seat rail or floor mount is ideal for those who prefer mounting somewhere other than the windshield or dash.

  • Use a socket wrench to install the mount to the car’s seat rail. Bend the 18” gooseneck for exact positioning of the tablet.
  • Optional floor brackets are included for screwing the car dock directly into the floor of the vehicle.
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