Creative learning for people with special education needs.

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Cosmo is an award-winning system that changes the way that early years learners and young people with SEN train their physical, cognitive and communication skills.

Every learner is different. That’s why Filisla designed Cosmo to be hands-on, customisable and versatile. It has activities for everyone and above all, it’s fun!

  • Smart, dynamic buttons
  • Specialist designed iPad activities
  • Curriculum based lesson plans
  • Data-driven game play for home or the whole classroom
  • Easy to set up
  • Uses Bluetooth LE and is compatible with any iPad model that has iOS version 10 or newer


The Cosmoid is a unique, tactile controller. Robust, easy to activate and dynamic. The Cosmoid works with Cosmo activities on the iPad. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

  • Versatile
  • Robust
  • Lights up
  • Changes colour
  • Dynamic
  • Sensory

Highly Customisable

Customise its responsiveness, colour, brightness, light mode, battery saving, output character and more. You decide.

Lights up and changes colour

Sensory and easy to use for people with visual impairments.

Exceptionally Sturdy

With materials used in fighter jets, superb engineering and clever electronics, Cosmo can last a lifetime.

Highly Responsive

Twice as responsive as industry standards, Cosmo is easy and comfortable for extended use and suitable for people with limited force.

Connected for Good

With a lightfast and stable Bluetooth Low Energy connection, you’ll soon forget the cumbersome switch experiences you might have had before.

Long-Lasting Battery

Our powerful, rechargeable battery and Cosmo’s unique firmware ensure far fewer charges than other switches. The duration depends on your settings, but most of our customers need to charge their devices once every 5-7 days.

Access to Cosmo Games

Your Cosmo Switch can do so much more. Connect it to your iPad and gain free access to games and activities through our award-winning app. Free of charge.

Compatibility Guide


You can use your Cosmo Switch to navigate your computer, tablet or phone device (see your device’s accessibility settings).

Play Games

Assign arrow keys ( ← ↑ ↓ → ), enter ⏎ and space to access online games

Media Control

Use your cosmoid to control your media volume, play/pause movies on Netflix or tracks on Spotify.

Plus, we are working to enable the Cosmo switch to control many more media players across devices


You can also use it with the most popular Augmented and Alternative Communication apps and devices including:

  • Proloquo2Go
  • Communicator 5
  • Grid 3 from Smartbox
  • Clicker 8
  • Boardmaker 7
  • ChooseIt Maker
  • TD Snap
  • and more

Cosmo Activities


Improvisation lets students get creative and play music on the cosmoids. Each cosmoid represents a different note and students can play along to their favourite songs by simply pressing the cosmoids. Students can also choose between xylophone, guitar, and pan pipe sounds.

Skill Areas – Auditory perception/ Expressing preferences/ Auditory  & visual discrimination/ Joint attention/ Collaboration/ Visuo-motor control/ Spatial awareness/ Musical self-expression/ Improvisation


Showdown is a fast-paced competitive activity that can be played by 2-6 players. One team has to find the green buttons and the other team has to find the orange buttons. See who can find the most of their colour before the time runs out.

Skill Areas – Cause and effect/ Turn taking/ Expressing preferences/ Gross and Visuo-motor control/ Spatial awareness


Orchestration lets your students become conductors. Students can build their own songs by adding drums, guitars, pianos, and many other instruments. Students can play solo or as part of a group.

Skill Areas – Auditory perception/ Visual perception/ Expressing preferences/ Auditory discrimination/ Joint attention/ Collaboration/ Visuo-motor control/ Spatial awareness


Storytelling lets students perform sensory stories by touching the cosmoids. Each cosmoid triggers part of a pre-selected sensory story and only lights up when it’s your turn to add to the story. Press it when it’s your turn and let the story unfold. It’s a great activity for non-verbal students and for sensory learners.

Skill Areas – Sensory integration/ Sequencing/ Turn-taking/ Waiting/ Visuo-motor control/ Spatial awareness

My Voice

My Voice lets your students record their own voices, or any sound they like, with the touch of a button. They can then transform the sounds they have recorded by touching the cosmoids. It’s a great activity for encouraging students to use their voices and imaginations!

Skill Areas – Cause and effect/ Auditory discrimination/ Verbal communication/ Visuo-motor control/ Vocalisation/ Musical self-expression

Turn Taking

Turn Taking lets students work together to play their favourite songs and is great for developing turn-taking, waiting, and collaboration skills. Choose a song and give a cosmoid to each of your students. Each cosmoid triggers part of the song and lights up to show whose turn it is. The longer you press, the longer the song plays for.

Skill Areas – Cause and effect/ Turn taking/ Expressing preferences/ Gross and Visuo-motor control/ Spatial awareness/ Musical self-expression


Memory lets students develop their problem solving and sequencing skills. Watch the light sequence on the cosmoids, and if you can repeat it correctly you get an exciting audio-visual reward. Start on the easy level and see how many sequences you can get right.

Skill Areas – Visual memory/ Sequencing/ Reaction to visual stimuli/ Problem solving/ Turn-taking/ Visuo-motor control/ Speed of response


Exercise is a fun, multi-sensory activity designed to get your students moving. It’s designed to help develop coordination of movement, teamwork, orientation and attention. Place the cosmoids around a space and start the game.

Skill Areas – Cause and effect/ Visual perception & discrimination/ Collaboration/ Speed of response/ Spatial awareness

All the Same

All The Same is an exciting sequencing and problem-solving activity. Each time you press a cosmoid it changes colour, and you have to work as a team to make all of the cosmoids the same colour. Start on the Easy level and work your way up to the Hard level.

Skill Areas – Sequencing / Problem Solving / Joint Attention / Collaboration / Gross and Visuo-motor control / Reaction Speed

Colour Matching

Colour Matching is a great activity for helping students develop their colour vocabulary and shared attention skills. The aim is to find the cosmoids that light up with the same colour as your partner, and then press them together. Players get an audio-visual reward when they match the colours correctly.

Skill Areas – Visual perception & discrimination/ Problem solving/ Reaction to visual stimuli/ Collaboration/ Colour vocabulary/ Joint attention/ Visuo-motor control


Fireworks is a fun and interactive ‘Cause & Effect’ activity that uses one cosmoid. When a student presses the cosmoid they are rewarded with exciting fireworks on the screen. It’s a great activity for developing intentional communication skills.

Skill Areas – Cause and effect / Intentional communication / Gross and Visuo-motor control / Spatial awareness / Speed of response


Exploration is a ‘Cause & Effect’ activity that uses one cosmoid. When a student touches the cosmoid that is lit up, the song that has been selected will play until they stop touching the cosmoid. If you enable the effects you can change the texture of the sound by pressing harder.

Skill Areas – Cause and effect/ Turn taking/ Expressing preferences/ Gross and Visuo-motor control/ Spatial awareness/ Musical self-expression

Flappy Cosmonaut

Flappy Cosmonaut is a fun individual activity that lets students develop their fine and gross motor skills by making the cosmonaut fly across the screen. The harder they press, the higher he flies. See if you can get a high score!

Skill Areas – Cause and effect/Visual perception/ Concentration/ Fine & Gross motor skills

Simply download the free Cosmo app from the app store onto your iPad and you’re ready to go.

Cosmo App

Cosmo Training app

Cosmo Switch Setup app



About Cosmo Switch

Turning your Cosmoid on/off

The Cosmo Switch app

Settings guide

Pairing with devices

Unpairing from devices

Clearing Cosmoid pairing

Switching between operation modes

Updating the firmware on your Cosmoid

Battery maintenance


Cosmoid (Buttons) Specifications

Switch Type: Mechanical
Connection Type: Bluetooth 4 / Bluetooth LE
Activation Type: Strain
Housing Colour: Semitransparent White
Shape and size: Round. 5cm radius. 3.5 cm high.
Activating Force: Adjustable. minimum 50 g. maximum 500 g
Colour: Adjustable. 9 available colours
Feedback: Visual
Operation temperature: 10-35 degrees celsius
Mounting Plate: Universal Mounting Plate
Compatibility: Android, OS X, iOS, Windows, chromebooks, Linux
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer, 800mAh. Rechargeable via micro USB.

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