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Control any infrared or radio compatible household device from your computer.

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Control USB allows control of any infrared device or compatible radio device.

This remote control allows you to control the devices of your home in a personalized way from your computer using your usual access method (mouse, keyboard, touch, voice control or gaze).

You can easily control televisions, decoders and multimedia players (thanks to the already included device database and its infrared learning system), as well as other elements of your house such as doors, lights, beds, ceiling hoists, telephone, blinds, electrical appliances and warning alarms.

Compatible with TVs and Decoders

You don’t have to point at the TV

This new version of USB Control provides more power and an increased IR beam angle, so you no longer have to point at the TV.

Already programmed

This product incorporates the controls of the main television manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Toshiba, & Sony.

Press a button and your remote is immediately configured via a grid of the most common actions that you can also customize to your liking.

Compatible with Decoders

In addition to being compatible with any decoder, it incorporates the most common decoders and multimedia players including Apple TV & Movistar +.

Control from Grid 3

You can control your devices easily from Grid 3 using your usual access method.

The TV control is already pre-programmed for Grid 3.

Unlimited and Customisable

Customize It Your Way

Customize the function that each button performs according to your needs.

Select the number of buttons and their distribution in each scene.

Customize the buttons with the images you like best with the included BJ Control program.

Unlimited Control

Control everything you want, you have an unlimited number of different functions.

Also, you can create as many scenes (layouts) as you want.

You also have the possibility of creating macros, so that with a single button you activate a sequence of actions.

Simple and Effective

Use it directly if you already have Grid 3 or download the ‘BJ Control’ software for Windows here.

Dimensions 8.1 × 4.9 × 1.2 cm
Technical Features

– "Plug & Play" USB device

– Unlimited number of grids and functions.
– Variable button sizes.
– Customizable buttons: use the image and text that you
– Possibility to import and export configuration files.
– Transparent cells to personalize the layout.
– Possibility to create macros with an unlimited number of
actions per button.
– Command interface accessible from other programs.
– Collection of standard icons included.
– Possibility of recording infrared alternate codes.
– Compatible with communicators (including Grid 3 & Tobii Communicator).


Radio Frequency: 433 MHz (ICM)
Infrared Frequency: 38 kHz

Operating System


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