Alt Clearkeys Keyboard

The future of typing for the visually impaired is here.

Alt is the company behind the Clevy brand, who have created the Clearkeys keyboard with many features to help those who have trouble using and reading a regular keyboard.

The future of typing for the visually impaired is here

Optimal Ease of Use

The extra large and clear font makes the letters very visible, and the icons and abbreviations used and abbreviations relevant functions immediately identifiable.

Because the Clearkeys features the so-called “longtravel chocolate keycaps”, the individual keys are clearly distinguishable from each other because there is space between them but also provides excellent tactile feedback. tactile feedback.

These keys are also concave in shape, to provide a natural focal point, and the pathfinders on the F and J keys.

Modern Design

The elegant and sleek design of the Clearkeys is not only functional, but also gives it a design that matches today’s aesthetic standards.

Both the keys and the The keys and the board itself are matted, so that reflection by ambient lighting is prevented.

In addition, the red indication LEDs have been made extra bright for optimal visibility.

Furthermore, the keyboard rests low on the surface, which improves the ergonomics.

Connection Type

USB Type-A

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