Monster 2 Jumbo XL Bluetooth/RF Keyboard

The Monster 2 Jumbo XL Keyboard Bluetooth/Wireless range has chunky one inch (~24 mm) square keys which are easy to find and press.

It has all the standard keys with the exception of the numeric keypad.

It has separate function keys, a Windows key and Shift keys on both sides and offers multi-device pairing with Bluetooth and Radio Frequency (via Wireless USB Dongle).

Meet the Monster 2 Bluetooth & RF Multi-Device range of oversized keyboards from Accuratus.

The Monster 2 Bluetooth & RF features Multidevice Bluetooth and RF 2.4GHz wireless connectivity meaning you can hot swap quickly between paired devices such as a PC, Mac and tablet or phone.

For young children the Monster 2 Mix is the perfect entry into computing, with large oversized keys grouped in different colours making learning easy and fun. Then there’s the High Visibility & High Contrast models, with high visibility large black legends against a bright yellow background, or large black legends on a high contrast white background. The perfect combinations for those with certain sight deficiencies.

Weight 0.77 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 18.0 × 2.7 cm
Connection Type

Bluetooth, USB Type-A (Wireless Dongle)


2x AAA


Mixed Colour, High Visibility, High Contrast

Type Case

Uppercase, Lowercase

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