Time Activity Set

Help kids master the ins and outs of telling time with the fun, engaging activity found in the Time Activity Set

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It’s Time to Tell Time!

This set helps kids build essential time-telling skills, from identifying hour and minute hands to learning about analog and digital clocks!

Multiple Ways to Learn!

Kids build new time skills with multiple fun activities: solve time puzzles, roll the time dice, or solve flash card challenges!

Activity Guide Included!

Follow along with the set’s included activity guide for tips and tricks to help your kids become time masters!

Skill Development:

Telling time, Time matching (analog and digital), Writing time (analog and digital), Problem solving, Fine motor skills, Self-help
Learn to identify the hour and minute hands, learn the difference between analog and digital time, identify time to the hour, half hour, and more!
A hands-on activity kit that turns Learning into a game.

41-Piece Set includes plastic clock with movable hands, write & wipe clock, 24 double-sided analog and digital puzzle cards, 12 double-sided, write & wipe daily activity cards, 3 time dice plus activity guide.

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