Busy Board for Toddlers 2

9-IN-1 ACTIVITY BOARD. Our learning toy features a spinner with beads, automatic and manual latches, abacus, gear wheels, lock with key, noisemaker, wheel, push switch and numbers from 0 till 9

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It’s an interactive learning toy that enhances your kid’s visual perception and fine and gross motor skills! In addition to that, the Busy Board educational toy also encourages perseverance, dexterity, cause-and-effect learning and sharpens your kids’ memory.

Developmental Toy
Set up your child to be the next Einstein with BrainUpToys! The sensory board promotes play-and-learn excitement with pegged puzzles, learn to tie shoes for kids, etc.

Best Wooden Toy
This toy is designed for toddlers 1-3 and developed with care and safety in mind! Busy Board is made from the high-quality materials and carefully handmade without any sharp edge

Infant Travel Toy
Baby toy is great for traveling as much as by car or by plane, weighs less than 1.5kg! Time to practice skills and abilities

What does this game develop?

  • Fine and gross motor skills – hands are heavily involved in the game, from finger-tips to elbow and shoulder joints.
  • Sensory ability – different busy board elements have diverse surfaces, textures, etc.
  • Logic and memory – to open a door, you firstly need to open a latch
  • Patience and independent behavior – a kid is completely wrapped up in the game and it also allows him/her to make his/her own decisions
  • Brainwork – understanding of cause-and-effect, a kid is able to deal with various tasks without assistance
  • Creative potential – board’s elements can be used in an uncommon way
  • Skills and abilities – to fasten buttons, to do up shoelaces, to unlock something, etc.
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 27.9 × 7.6 cm
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