Busy Board Car

Find different activities in 1 Sensory Board: practicing with locks, latches, keys that look real, wood beads, buckle, zipper, bell, spinning wheel, light switching, and more

An Exciting Wooden Fidget Activity Board is a great toy and game for future engineers or scientists!

During the first years of a child’s life, their brain develops rapidly, making it a great opportunity for you to introduce toys that can help boost the development of various cognitive and physical skills.

With that in mind, this Busy Board sensory toy has been developed to enhance children’s visual perception and fine and gross motor skills!

Busy Board

Train fine and gross motor skills while working with moving parts like gear wheels or fidget spinner
Develop Logical thinking and solving first brain teasers like using a real key
Train essential skills such as opening and closing locks and latches
Develop color and shape recognition
Learning math and counting with beads
Engaging interactive and fun game especially while switching the light and making sounds with klaxon

Quality and Safety

High quality and durable materials, non-toxic and lightweight
Safe-tested and designed for your toddler’s little hands
No need to worry about the risk of choking or swallowing
All parts are securely fastened and carefully checked
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 40.6 × 5.1 cm
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