WolVolk Musical Activity Cube

Endless Fun. With six sides and 15 different activities, the WolVol Musical Activity Cube will keep little ones engaged for hours on end. Everywhere the baby turns, there is something fun to do and new to learn. The fun will never end!

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Musical Fun:
Rotate the gears, press the musical note or star button, or ring the bell to her sweet tunes. Want to make your own music? There?s a built-in microphone so little ones can make some noise of their own!

Multiple Skills:
Each object has different functions that require different skills ? driving, talking, singing, using tools and much more. Combined with lights, music and sound effects, this activity cube has everything a child could only imagine.

Learning Tool:
Promoting creativity and learning fun, the WolVol Musical Activity Cube helps children improve eye-hand coordination while enhancing their fine motor, critical thinking and problem-solving skills at the same time.

Aids in Child?s Development.
With the WolVolk Activity Cube there’s so much for little toddlers to do. Everywhere the baby turns, there is something to do and learn! There?s a steering wheel and motor functions with real sounds and driving skills. Take out the detachable cell phone to make calls and learn numbers. Use the built-in microphone to sing some favorite songs. Ring the bell to wake the child and use the hammer to beat the drum. There?s so much to do!

Everything a Child Can Imagine.
The Activity Cube is full of various skill functions and interesting activities for little ones to learn and develop. Children will enjoy sliding beads on two tracks to learn colors and numbers. Or they can play the stretching game with the banana and apple that can be pulled out. By hitting the targets with the hammer, children can watch the little colored bead bounce left and right. The multiple activities makes the WolVolk Musical Activity Cube a great gift for any young boy or girl. Aiding child development through play, this toy is the gift that keeps giving.

Lights and Sounds.
Children love music and lights, and this toy offers them the best of both worlds. Hitting the drum makes funny sounds with flashing lights. Turn the microphone on and a glowing animal appears on the mirror with a mic in hand. Push the musical note to hear songs, and the star to change the selection. And the cutest of all ? ringing the bell to wake the little sleeping child with various cute songs. Ring the bell again and watch the little child eating breakfast, and another time to celebrate the child’s birthday with the ?Happy Birthday? song.

Entertaining and Educational.
Pull, press, turn and hammer. As children try to figure out what each activity entails, it encourages important creative thinking and problem-solving skills, improves hand-eye coordination and promotes fine motor skills while they play! Rotate the little water tank gears and music will play while it triggers the undersea world gear with marine life. Hit the targets with the hammer and watch the animal plates rotate. Turn the key, control the steering wheel and press the horn to simulate driving the car. The activities and fun never end!

Safety Tested.
Expertly crafted using excellent quality, durable plastic to supply long-term strength and use, this engaging toy will provide endless hours of fun for children 18 months and up. It?s furnished with eye-catching colors that will thrill little ones right out of the box, and does not contain any lead to ensure safe play for your precious children. Lights, music, sound effects and stimulating activities make this a toy that the little ones will play and enjoy for years to come.

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