SymWriter 2

Writers of any ability can use SymWriter 2, a symbol word processor, to see the meaning of words as they type or input content from grids, supporting access to new or challenging vocabulary.

Easy symbol writing for everyone

Writers of any ability can use SymWriter 2, a symbol word processor, to see the meaning of words as they type or input content from grids, supporting access to new or challenging vocabulary.

Writing tools for all abilities

Download now and join 1000’s of teachers and professionals who use SymWriter 2 to remove literacy barriers and support their students writing composition.

Independent Writing

SymWriter 2’s easy-to-use symbol word processor is the perfect tool to support emergent and/or reluctant writers.

Interactive Grids

100’s of ready-made editable environments to assist recording communication and demonstrate learning.

Accessibility Options

Options including switch access make writing accessible to students who have difficulty using a keyboard to input text.

What can students do with SymWriter 2?

SymWriter 2’s document writer and interactive grids can be used to support and develop students writing at all levels. Here are some popular examples of SymWriter 2 teaching materials used by the Widgit community:

Getting Started with Writing

Grids can support emergent / reluctant writers to begin writing independently by providing key words, phrases and sentence structure.

Recording Choices

Grid environments give students the ability to independently express and record both personal and academic choices in a written format.

Word Building

Grids with text-to-speech output can help students develop word building skills using phonics.

Sentence Building

Support students with EAL and students with speech and language impairments to construct grammatically correct sentences.

Advanced Writing

As writing skills develop students can use tools such as symbol spell check to self correct and text-to-speech to recite work.

Recording of Knowledge

Give students the ability to record curriculum knowledge in an easy accessible format.

Support Topic Work

Ready-made resources can support students to structure and give them the ability to produce written material on a given topic.

Audio Books

Grids with text-to-speech allow students to independently access traditional stories and encourage enjoyment of literature.

Classroom Materials

Use ready-made grids to support students recording of results from experiments / investigations with minimum writing required.

Writing with Grids

SymWriter 2’s interactive environments use on-screen grids to make writing accessible to users who may have difficulties using a keyboard. Students can select content from grids using a variety of input devices (mouse, touch screen , switch or eye-gaze), to be automatically added to their document, navigate to another grid, or perform a range of formatting actions.

The environment editor makes it easy for teachers or parents to create their own activities or to adapt an existing gird. Environments can be as simple or as complex as you like, from enabling users to build basic sentences and play simple games to creating whole documents, acting as an on-screen keyboard or as a powerful teaching aid for whiteboards.

Powerful Design and Layout Features

Automatic Symbolisation

Copy and paste text from an existing project or websites and see it automatically symbolise.

Change Skin Tone

Change the skin tones of any Widgit Symbol to make your materials more personal.

Symbol Spell Check

Symbol supported spell check to encourage students to self correct errors.

Smart Symboliser

Automatic sentence analysis helps find suitable symbols for your text.

Speech Feedback

High quality speech feedback tools to encourage review and self correction of work.

Show Parts of Speech

Highlight verbs and nouns in different colours to aid sentence construction.

Custom Toolbars

Tailor and save the SymWriter 2 interface to meet the needs of individual students.

Add your Own Images

Add custom images from the machine or the web to personalise materials.

Network Friendly

Easily deploy across your network making material sharing and collaboration simple.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7 or newer
At least 2 GB of free storage space
Minimum Resolution of 1024×768

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