Smoothie Switch

This lovely, smooooth switch is new from Inclusive Technology. Based on our years of experience working with switch users, it has a low profile surface and is angled towards the learner to make it really easy for those with limited movement to press. For the ultimate in comfortable switching – try the Smoothie!

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Smoothie 125 and Smoothie 75 are 125 mm (5”) and 75 mm (3”) diameter wired switches, terminating in an industry-standard 3.5mm jack.

Both switches have an extremely low profile and are both angled towards the user, meaning that the operating surface is only 10mm above the desk at its lowest. The switches do not have a flanged base, allowing unrestricted access to the operating surface.


  • Small 75 mm or Large 125 mm operating area.
  • Operates over the whole switch area.
  • Low operating force.
  • With tactile feedback.
  • Easily mounted via standard fixing holes.
  • Designed to work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller

75 mm (Smoothie 75), 125 mm (Smoothie (125)


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

Connection Type

3.5mm (Switch)

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