Sip/Puff Breeze

Breeze is an advanced USB sip/puff switch in an extremely compact package.

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All user interface solutions can be attached to the separate, Breeze sensor using a simple twist-on pneumatic connector. The electronic pressure sensor in Breeze will sense a sip or puff and convert these events to mouse button clicks or joystick button presses, and pass these to the connected USB host device (typically a PC or Mac computer).


  • Mouse Button Emulation
  • Joystick Button Emulation
  • Extremely Low Latency
  • Works with Standard Windows, Mac and Linux USB Human Interface Device (HID) drivers
  • USB Powered
  • Real time gauge pressure can be reported as joystick X and Y values (± 4 kPa)

It connects directly to standard USB ports on computers, laptops, and AAC devices and provides hardware emulation of mouse buttons or joystick functions.

For special applications, sensitivity is selectable and dynamic pressure readings can be directly accessed through the USB interface.

The integrated pneumatic port connects directly to a range of available user interface options including Headset and Gooseneck.

Weight 0.014 kg
Dimensions 5.1 × 2.0 × 1.3 cm
Connection Type

USB Type-A

Operating System

macOS, Windows

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