Sip/Puff Multi-User Switch with Headset

The Multi User Sip/Puff Switch with Headset provides healthcare institutions; assessment centers hospitals, etc. with a means to support multiple users while eliminating concerns over sanitation. The disposable mouthpiece includes an in-line aseptic filter to enable hygienic, worry-free use by a succession of users.

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Sanitary Sip-Puff Switch for Multiple Users

The Origin Instruments Sip/Puff Switch with Headset is the leading sip-puff system for individuals with motor disabilities and limited dexterity. This multi-user version of the popular Sip/Puff Switch offering provides healthcare institutions, assessment centers, hospitals, etc. with a means to support multiple users while eliminating concerns over sanitation.

The Sip/Puff Multi-user Headset is uniquely designed to support disposable mouthpieces. Each disposable mouthpiece is enclosed in a sealed package that includes a pair of latex-free gloves and an instruction sheet. The mouthpiece filter eliminates sanitary concerns on behalf of both the user and the attendant while retaining sip-puff convenience, accuracy and reliability.

The disposable mouthpiece attaches in seconds using a snap-fit fastener to the Sip/Puff Multi-user Headset. After usage, the mouthpiece is discarded and replaced so the system is immediately available for the next user.

The disposable mouthpiece is connected by plastic, latex-free tubing to the Sip/Puff Switch that converts sips and puffs into electrical signals. The Sip/Puff Switch connects to the computer or interface device through one stereo or two mono cables.

The Multi-user Sip/Puff Switch with Headset is packaged in a compact case for easy storage and transport. The case is similar to a small briefcase, complete with handle and snap closures.

Multi-user Sip/Puff Switch with Headset includes:

  • Sip/Puff Multi-user Headset – comfortable and adjustable
  • Sip/Puff Switch with integrated “sip” and “puff” pressure switches (no external power required) and test buttons for assisting users
  • 6 ft. (1.8 m) air tube with quick-connects for attaching Sip/Puff Switch and disposable mouthpiece assembly
  • Two (2) 5 ft., 3.5 mm cables, one mono and one stereo for single or dual cable operation
  • Five (5) Disposable Mouthpiece* assemblies, each sealed with gloves and instruction sheet
  • Portable hard plastic case with foam cushioning for safe transport and storage
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