Pretorian Quester Switchbox

The Quester Switchbox is a wired switch interface allowing gamers a variety of modes for navigation in games.

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Quester Switchbox is a simple USB device for achieving PC game play using assistive switches. Six 3.5mm sockets are provided, the functions of which are set by selecting one of four Levels. Levels 1-3 are fixed function, whereas each socket in Level 4 can be programmed to be any key on the keyboard or a mouse click, plus some gaming specific functions such as Latching W, A, S or D (see table 2 for a full list of available functions).

A seventh socket is dedicated to changing Level so the player can navigate between Levels without requiring assistance. Alternatively, this may be achieved using a button on the fascia of Quester Switchbox.

Levels 1 and 2 are configured for navigation within a range of games, whereas Level 3 allows weapons to be selected or similar functions, dependent on the game. And due to its programmable nature, Level 4 can be whatever you need it to be.

Level 4 is programmed using a simple and unique method that requires no software to be loaded onto the PC. Once each socket on Level 4 has been configured, the settings are saved in the Quester Switchbox internal memory and are automatically recalled even if the computer is turned off or the switchbox moved to a different computer.

The provision of Latching W, A, S and D functions allows the player to walk or run in any direction indefinitely, leaving hands free for other functions. Sticky* and Latching Modifiers further add to the programmability to allow unique combinations of functions to be created. An example of this could be if you require a switch to perform Sticky Shift, then another key, in order to create a capital letter.

*Sticky modifiers stay selected once pressed until the next switch has been pressed. For example, make one socket Sticky Shift and another the w key. First press and release Sticky Shift and then press w and you will get capital W. A further press of w will return lower case w, i.e. the sticky shift has now cancelled. This is equivalent to the Windows definition of Sticky Keys.

The unit requires no drivers- simply plug it into an available USB port and play!

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Left ClickEscape5Latching-w
Right ClickEnter6Caps

Available Functions in Level 4

  • Letters a-z
  • Numbers 0-9
  • ↑↓←→
  • Latching W, A, S and D
  • All Punctuation Marks
  • Momentary Modifier keys (Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Gui)
  • Sticky Modifier keys
  • Latching Modifier keys
  • F1-F12 keys
  • Space, Backspace, Tab, Escape, Caps
  • Left Click, Right Click


  • Specifically to provide added accessibility and ease of use, for PC game play- gives access to W, A, S and D and Arrow Key functions as separate switches.
  • Great alongside a Quester Joystick too!
  • Three Levels with fixed functions, one programmable Level.
  • Programmable Level 4 allows the function of each socket to be set to ANY keystroke including Modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Gui), or any mouse click.
  • Modifier keys can be Momentary, ‘Sticky’ or Latching.
  • Latching W, A, S and D also available in Level 4.
  • Also gives direct access to Left Click and Right Click.
  • Six 3.5mm jack socket inputs allow any style of switch to be used.
  • Seventh socket to allow Level to be selected by user.
  • Easy ‘plug and play’ installation, does not require driver software.




Quester Switchbox Instructions (PDF)

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