Neo Smart Recorder RECO

RECO is the voice recorder that keeps track of the notes written on paper. RECO will change the shape of your classes and meetings.

RECO’s Bluetooth wireless connection works only with Neo Smartpen. It does not work with other devices. (Neo Smartpen not included)

Neo Smartpen RECO: The World’s First Intuitive Voice Recorder

The voice recorder that keeps track of your notes written on paper. Meet the recorder that will change the shape of your classes and meetings.

When you write notes on paper while recording the audio, they are instantly time stamped with the time code. It means that you do not need to waste your time fast forwarding and rewinding to replay specific parts of your recording.

How It Works?

Who Uses RECO?


Many students experience difficulties in catching up with their classes. They are busy listening, taking notes, and recording the lectures.

When they review their notes after class, it is hard to remember what their instructors said at a particular time. Fast forwarding and rewinding the voice recording take too much time.


RECO is inexpensive compared to other similar smart devices

Stay Focused

You can focus more on the lecture. RECO will supplement your learning experience.

Easy & Intuitive

Simply tap your note to replay what was said at a particular time.

Office Workers

Office workers can spend most of their time in meetings. They often get confused about what was discussed and what was decided.

It can be difficult to remember everything from long meetings.


You can easily check your notes and voice recordings at the same time.


Simply tap your notes to replay vital points of a meeting.


You can recall important decisions made in a meeting.


Journalists conduct numerous interviews to gather information to present particular events.

It is often frustrating to organise recorded interviews or to locate specific quotes from the interviewees.

Stay Focused

You can focus more on the interview as the whole conversation will be captured in your notes.


Simply tap your notes to replay vital points of an interview.


No need to fast forward or rewind. You can easily replay the recording as much as you want.


Digital Bookmark for Websites and Videos

Save your favorite YouTube and website links in your notes. Tap your notes to replay specific parts of the video you’ve watched. Enhance your study productivity. Simply download Pen Manager and connect it with Smart Recorder RECO. You can also transfer your recordings to PC and make your own digital bookmark by InkLink.

Pen Manager

Easily Connect Pen Manager to PC

Manage Neo Smartpen and other NeoLAB devices on your PC, and try different services from Pen Manager.

Connection Type

3.5mm (Audio), Bluetooth, Micro-USB

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth 4.2 LE

Internal Memory

16 GB


1x 1W


Non-Removable Li-Polymer 560mAH Rechargeable
(Input Power: 5V via USB Micro-B)

Operating Time

10 hours (Continuous Recording)

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