KajoBase is a mounting plate for 50mm diameter KajoButton 50 (Standard) and KajoButton RF.

Switches not included.

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KajoBase is a mounting plate for 50mm diameter KajoButton Standard. KajoBase allows KajoButton to be worn as a wrist transmitter or to be worn somewhere else for example around the thigh. KajoBase ensures that the switch is correctly placed to utilise hand movement or the movement of other limbs to activate the switch.

KajoBase can also be tied to the side of a hospital of a nursing bed with a strap. It can be easily moved to another place according to the patients position. This ensures that the patient can perform the nurse or assistance call any time. KajoBase also has a screw hole for a more fixed installation. KajoButton is easy to attach to and detach from KajoBase to be used elsewhere.

Also available as the KajoBase Duo – KajoBase for two KajoButtons.

Possible Uses

  •  Neck bands
  •  Wrist bands and thigh straps
  •  Wrist strap to bed side
  •  Fixed installation through mounting hole

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