Flex Stylus

Bendable 13″ tablet and smartphone stylus for assistive grip aids.

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  • Bendable stylus for tablet and smartphone
  • Brass kernel strip that keeps the shape that you apply
  • Braided cotton sleeve plus a silicone tube for a steady grip
  • Highly conductive fabric tip; no drag, no pressure required


When a C5-6 quad client contacted the designers of this product for a “V-shaped” stylus request that he can stick between his knuckles, the designers came up with a unique and simple approach; a bendable strip made from a special metal. To make it work, you can bend it in the angle that suits you best. For use with a tablet and smartphone, a conductive plug is added as a tip. For a friendly and protective appeal, the strip is covered with a transparent sleeve plus a silicone tube for a steady grip.

Stylus Socks

The Stylus Sock concept; a tip made from highly conductive fabric that is wrapped around a plug on the stylus stick. Compared with rubber or foam alternatives, they have no drag, there’s no pressure required and they don’t break. Smooth operation is guaranteed on all modern capacitive tablets and smartphones, like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch iOS devices from Apple, the Android based Galaxy range from Samsung, the Nexus range from Google and Asus, the Xperia range from Sony, the Kindle range from Amazon, etc.

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