Head Pointer and Stylus Cap Edition

Universal headset mount with stylus pointer for head controlled tablet and smartphone use.

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This offering contains a full functional head pointer solution, containing a cap with a mounting plate and stylus pointer. The cap is available in three colors (black, grey and red) and the stylus pointer is available in four options that differ in length and bend-ability. Here are the main characteristics to help you choose what works for you.

Head Part: Cap

The head part has an easy adjustable head size and a stainless steel mounting plate for the stylus pointer. Two tube clamps on the front of the mounting plate offer a plug-and-play placement for the stylus pointer of choice.

The cap edition was introduced in the summer of 2016 as an alternative to the headband based head pointer. This cap was developed for two main reasons: headrest use and more casual look. The headband edition has a size adjustment knob at the back, which the cap edition hasn’t. As such, select the cap edition if you have a headrest or want to avoid a protrusion at the back. Furthermore, the cap edition is available in three colours: grey, red and black.

Stylus Pointer

The stylus pointer that comes with the cap is a 14″ stainless steel tube with bending zones for optimal personal fit.


The package contains the head part and the stylus pointer. Ready to use in a minute; adjust the headband and chin strap, mount the stylus pointer and go!

Operating instructions

  1. Adjust the head size with the velcro strap
  2. Tighten the top screw(s) of the mounting plate
  3. Press the stylus pointer in the tube clamps of the mounting plate

* Optional: Bend the front of the mounting plate for your personal best ergonomic angle

Stylus Socks

The Stylus Sock concept; a tip made from highly conductive fabric that is wrapped around a plug on the stylus pointer. Compared with rubber or foam alternatives, they have no drag, there’s no pressure required and they don’t break. Smooth operation is guaranteed on all modern capacitive tablets and smartphones, like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch iOS devices from Apple, the Android based Galaxy range from Samsung, the Nexus range from Google and Asus, the Xperia range from Sony, the Kindle range from Amazon, etc.


Black, Grey, Red

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