Evoluent Vertical Mouse

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse Wired Mouse offers new features that add to the popular Evoluent vertical mouse design. Evoluent Vertical Mice now include a more contoured shape to better fit users’ hands, the option to change cursor speed without changing your grip on the mouse, and a sleep mode to conserve notebook battery power.

Please be aware that there a differing models of Ergonomic Mouse, some models may not be available in certain configurations.

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Features six programmable buttons to give users more versatility for personalized mouse functions.  Pointer speed buttons are now located on the side allow convenient adjustment without ever changing your grip on the mouse – up to 4 speeds. The design is more comfortable & carefully sculpted for uncompromised comfort, with a larger flange for your pinky to rest and relax on while mousing.

  • Updated internal software technology comes standard in new version
  • Evoluent Mouse 4 is made from 30% recycled plastic
  • Illuminated features turn off to indicate when the mouse is in sleep mode
  • Six programmable buttons with 59 selectable functions each, plus special features such as:
  • Vertical scroll- press a button and drag the mouse to scroll with greater precision and control than the scroll wheel
  • Auto click- automatically perform a double click by pausing the pointer
  • Click lock – press and hold a button momentarily to simulate continued pressing without holding down a button
  • Plug and play – these ergonomic mice include drivers for all 6 programmable buttons
  • Repositioning- The vertical mouse can be re-positioned without moving the pointer: simply tilt it slightly to disable tracking, then slide it without moving the pointer


  • Gaming grade infrared sensor tracks more accurately on more surfaces than a laser sensor
  • Variable resolution, from 800-2600 dpi, can be changed easily by moving a switch located on the side of the mouse (offers 2600, 1800, 1300 dpi – most mice are 800 dpi or less)
  • Optical scroll with detents (clicks)
  • Small lip on lower edge keeps your little finger off the mousing surface
  • Programmable buttons allow for different functions in different programs
  • Completely new electrical design and new internal mechanical design for improved fit and feel, as well as improved reliability
  • 6.6ft long cord with USB connector
  • Dimensions: 3.15″ W x 4.45″ D x 3.03″ H

Evoluent Vertical Mouse Compatibility

PC Compatibility

  • Includes driver for Windows 7, 8 and 10 for configuring the buttons
  • The VerticalMouse 4 still has basic functionality without driver
  • Download Drivers

Mac Compatibility

Mac OS X 10.5 to macOS 10.14
  • Includes Mac driver for configuring the buttons
  • The driver is optional but highly recommended
  • VerticalMouse still has basic functionality without the driver
  • Some functions of the Windows driver are not available in the Mac driver
macOS 10.15 or newer
  • Due to recent Mac OS update, our driver must be updated to maintain compatibility
  • Evoluent require a driver development kit from Apple but they have not replied to their request even after repeated emails. Therefore Evoluent’s driver development is unable to proceed. Evoluent apologize for the delay and will continue to contact Apple for the resource.
  • Alternatively, the third party software USB Overdrive may be used to program the buttons on VerticalMouse. (Evoluent is not affiliated with USB Overdrive)

Linux Compatibility

  • Basic functionality without a driver

Unix Compatibility

  • Compatibility unknown

Left-Handed, Right-Handed

Connection Type

Wired (USB), Wireless (USB)

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