Crystal Ergotilt 11 – Angled Keyboard Rest

Crystal Ergotilt 11 is the Ergonomic adjuster for negative tilting of compact keyboards and side tilting for devices such as numeric keypads.

Keyboard not included.

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Angled Keyboard Rest

Crystal Ergotilt is the Ergonomic adjuster for negative tilting of compact keyboards and side tilting for devices such as numeric keypads. Simple to install and free standing Ergotilt places your keyboard in a negative angle for hand drop typing.

Natural Drop

The natural drop to eliminate wrist upward bend is the preferred option when typing and Ergotilt lets you use the compact keyboard of your choice positioned to provide the extra tilt effect.

11 Degree Tilt

With numeric pads and calculators the Ergonomic benefit of tilting the pad to the side so that the user can work with the hand set at its correct (shake hand) position is another feature of Ergotilt. Of particular importance is the fact that Crystal Ergotilt 11 can be used left or right handed which not only suits left and right hand users but also allows the recommendation that we should all alternate our use of right and left hand when doing repetitive work.

Supports Wired or Wireless Keyboards

To prevent slippage Crystal Ergotilt 11 has bump ons front and rear and the 2 slots at each end provide access for cords when using wired devices.

An attractive addition to the desk and easily stored away when not in use the clear, sturdy construction provides stability and takes up a no more desk space than the keyboard or pad itself.

Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 25.0 × 14.0 × 3.0 cm
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