Crystal Laptop Station

The Crystal laptop station is ideal for the any laptop user whether it’s at a fixed work station, a ‘hot desking’ situation or for the home office environment. It serves to improve the the body posture and comfort levels of the user, positioning the laptop correctly in the line of sight. There are five easy to use adjustable height settings , allowing for multiple users. A copyholder on the face of the product makes this an all in one workstation. All laptop ports are easily accessible. Manufactured in clear strong acrylic.

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Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand

A Laptop Riser for OOS

Laptop units are becoming contributors to the problem of Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) as more are in use and the user is not taking steps to install the ergonomic equipment to relieve the effects of incorrect positioning and tilting of the laptop. Crystal laptop station offers 5 height adjustments (including fully down) for your laptop.

Height and Angle Adjustment

Crystal Laptop Station is designed to provide a station for your laptop and a facility to adjust the height of your laptop screen and the angle of the platform for your copy. The station can be used as a straight screen height adjustment with the keyboard free by placing your laptop on the front face.

A4 Platform

Sliding your laptop into the lower slot will free up the A4 (230mm wide) platform for copy and leave the front ports free for connection to the preferred ergonomic benefit of an auxiliary keyboard and mouse.

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 37.0 × 24.5 cm
Ledge Height

30 mm


370 x 235 mm

Laptop Slot

Gap: 50 mm
Top Length: 185 mm
Bottom Length: 225 mm

Height of Work Surface

Front of Station: 55mm to 45mm
Rear of Station: 185mm to 245mm
Bottom of Laptop Slot: 40mm to 65mm

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