Windows Laptop (Configurator)

Choose the specifications and/or let us know what you need the laptop to do, and we’ll source an appropriate Windows laptop for you.

Please select the Minimum Specifications for what you are looking for below:

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Due to the current shortage of specific laptop models, we have created a laptop builder, to allow you to specify what you need and we will find a suitable laptop for your needs.

Windows Laptop (Configurator)

All of the Windows Laptops we supply come with Windows 10 or Windows 11.


The main processing unit of the computer (central processing unit), we have access to a range of laptops with Intel or AMD processors.

  • Entry level processors: Intel Atom, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, AMD A-Series and AMD Athlon processors
  • Low-end processors: Intel Core i3 and AMD Ryzen 3
  • Mid-range processors: Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5
  • High-end processors: Intel Core i7, Intel Core i9, AMD Ryzen 7 and AMD Ryzen 9

Screen Size

This is the diagonal size of the display.

  • 13″ (~33cm) and under are good for portability
  • 15″-16″ (~38-~41cm) are a good compromise between portability and visual clarity
  • 17″ (~43cm) and above is good for readability

Storage (SSD)

This is the internal storage, used for saving files, installing & running programs and running Windows itself.

  • 128GB – The minimum we would recommend for Windows 10 & 11
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 1TB (1024GB)
  • or more


Random Access Memory, used to transfer and storage data between the CPU and Storage, as well as caching temporary data to speed up programs and Windows.

  • 4GB
  • 8GB – The minimum we would recommend for Windows 10 & 11
  • 16GB
  • or more

Form Factor

The physical device, do you want a laptop/notebook, with or without a touchscreen, maybe a flip/convertible style.

  • Laptop / Notebook – The standard form factor, the laptop screen usually will have a maximum rotation of 180 degrees or less (between closed and fully open)
  • Flip / Convertible – The laptop screen can be rotated 360 degree (flip), allowing it to be used as a tablet
  • Touchscreen – Allows you to interact directly with the screen using your fingers or a stylus, along with the built-in keyboard and trackpad (or external peripherals)
  • No Touchscreen – The standard, requiring use of the built-in keyboard and trackpad (or external peripherals)


If you would like us to set up the laptop for you, we will create a local account on the laptop, install and activate any software that you purchase through us at the same time and make sure Windows is up-to-date.

Other Requirements

This could be anything a laptop can provide you, maybe you require a dedicated HDMI port, or it may require to run specific software, we can try and source the perfect laptop for your needs.


Intel Atom / Celeron / Pentium or AMD A-Series / Athlon, Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen 3, Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5, Intel Core i7 / AMD Ryzen 7, Intel Core i9 / AMD Ryzen 9

Screen Size

11 – 12.9 inch, 13 – 14.9 inch, 15 – 16.9 inch, 17 – 18.9 inch

Storage Capacity

128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB (1024GB), 2TB (2048GB)


4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB

Form Factor

Flip / Convertible (Touchscreen), Laptop / Notebook (Non-Touchscreen), Laptop / Notebook (Touchscreen)


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